Are Air Purifiers with ionizers Better

Ionizers are available with different names like negative ions air purifiers, ion air, ionizer air purifier, or electrostatic air purifier. They claim that an ionizer can remove harmful allergens and irritants from your room to provide you with fresh air. But, are air purifiers with ionizers better? Let’s cut that off and make it simple by getting insight into an ionizer.

What is an ionizer?

Ionizers are basically a device that uses high voltage to release the negative electrostatic charges in the air that moves through the ionizer in order to produce molecules; the ions. New ionizer air purifiers are smart and stylish and much powerful. They are mostly available in vertical design so you can place them in any corner or tight places of your room and office.

How does Ionizer work?

The working of an ionizer depends upon the electrostatic charge. The main work of an ionizer involves breaking down the molecules into ions. Ionizer later flows those negative molecules into the air and attaches with dust particles, making them heavier and sticking them to any surface such as furniture, walls, ceiling, and floors.

Some ionizers use fans to flow negatively charged particles to a larger area. It can remove formaldehyde in less than a minute. Other than that, there are some ionizers that provide a positively charged collector so that the negative ions and the dust particles attract towards the collector.

With many ionizer devices available, the working of the unit is the same but the coverage may vary depending upon its size. An ionizer air purifier can cover an area of up to 500 square feet.

Are air purifiers with ionizers better?

Many air purifiers offer different stages of filtration or solely come with an ionizer as a filter or individually as a unit. Here the question arises are air purifiers with ionizers better? Well, the answer to it may vary by its working in your area and your personal experience. However, to simplify it here are the

Benefits of Ionizer Air purifier

It includes

1.     Increase mental clarity

Ionizers can be helpful in increasing your well-being and can help you to have a mental clarity by neutralizing positive ions in your atmosphere

2.     Best again molds and allergens

Ionizers air purifier can eliminate dust pollens, pet dander, molds, and other bacteria as tiny as 0.1 microns

3.     Efficient against SARS Cov-2

Ionizers are proven best against SARS Cov-2. Many people have installed ionizer air purifiers in order to fight against covid-19.

4.     Improves respiratory system

The negative ions in the air can improve the function of cilia in your respiratory system. Cilia are found in the respiratory tract that protects your lungs from inflammation. Ionizers can be effective in terms of fighting against respiratory problems.

5.     Tension reliever

Anions are absorbed directly into your bloodstream to react with free radicals that are the cause of hypertension. So it has been reported that ionizers are helpful in relieving tension.

6.     Effective against SAD

The study revealed that the negatively charged ions can treat Seasonal Affective disorder (SAD). It is a kind of depression that comes in a specific atmosphere.

7.     Better sleep

A positive effect of ionizers on neurotransmitters can help you to sleep better.

8.     Decrease headache

Due to extra use of electronic devices at home and offices there are more chances of having a headache as such electronic devices emit positive electrostatic charges. Ionizers decrease the effect of electrostatic charges by emitting negative ions. So an ionizer air purifier can be helpful in dealing with headaches.

9.     Increase concentration

Anions increase the flow of blood and oxygen in the brain which results in decreasing drowsiness and increasing concentration. Ionizer air purifiers usually improve mental energy and make you more energetic. So it will help you perform your duties with concentration that’s why some offices and hospitals are using ionizers.

10.                        Cheap

Ionizer air purifiers are cheaper than HEPA filters as they are just emitting negative ions, unlike HEPA filters which consist of polyester.

11.                        Low maintenance

HEPA filters are efficient for 3 to 6 months while on the other hand, you don’t need to change any filter in an ionizer air purifier.

Disadvantages of Ionizer air purifier

The ionizer air purifier has some serious side effects which can lead to various health issues. Here you will learn the negative side effects of Ionizer.

1.   Ionizers are too weak

Ionizers are way too weaker than other air purifiers.

Research shows that ionizers have no effective result on particular levels. You need to have a very strong ionizer in order to have a productive result.

2.   Doesn’t Remove Gaseous Pollutants

Ionizers can’t remove gaseous pollutants from the air. As gaseous pollutants are neutral so negative doesn’t leave an impact on them. So it fails and is useless against gaseous pollutants.

3.   Hard to judge if the ionizer is working

It is hard to tell if your ionizer is actually working as the dust particles can’t be seen with the naked eye and usually you don’t have any idea about the exact spot of bacteria and allergens.

4.   Doesn’t remove odors

Ionizers are useless when it comes to removing odors or smoke from the room.

5.   Daily cleaning

You have to clean your room daily and you have to clean the ionizer’s charged plate daily in order to have an effective result every day. As bacteria and other allergens only stick somewhere so if you do not clean your room the bacteria will be again in the air moving freely.

6.   Create Harmful VOCs

Ionizers can create multiple harmful gases as ionizers produce negative ions which tend to do chemical reactions. Ionization can create ethanol, acetone, and other VOCs

7.   Low CADR

Air purifiers with ionizers usually have very less CADR than the air purifier with HEPA filters. This is due to their incompetency against gaseous pollutants and odors.

8.   Emit harmful ozone

Every ionizer creates ozone gas. Ozone gas is basically a combination of three oxygen molecules. Ozone gases don’t actually filter out the small particles that can harm asthma patients. Inhaling ozone can cause irritation in the lungs. Other side effects may include shortness of breath, respiratory infection, and lungs stiffness.

Our Recommendation for the Best Ionizer

Aeramax 300 Ionic air purifier by Fellows | BUY ON AMAZON

Aeramax 300 Ionic air purifier

Product Specifications

SpecificationsAeramax 300 Ionic
Dimensions8.13 x 16 x 25.13 inches
Weight12.5 lbs.
Filter type4-Stage with HEPA
Coverage300 to 600 sq. ft.
Fan speed4
Filter lifeHEPA 12 months and up to 3 months for carbon filters

What we Liked about Aeramax 300, Pros

  • The coverage of this air purifier is impressive with 600 sq. ft.
  • It is a high-performing device to fight effectively with allergies.
  • The carbon filter and HEPA filters clean the air efficiently.
  • Comes with four fan speed.

What we disliked about Aeramax 300, Cons

  • It does not update with the real-time air quality status
  • This air purifier is heavy and bulkier

Aeramax 300 Ionic Air Purifier Review

This ionic air purifier has four stages of filtration: a carbon filter for large particles, a true HEPA filter for ultrafine particles as small as 0.3 microns with antimicrobial treatment, and PlasmaTRUE technology. The Plasma True consists of a plasma airfield with energized particles that breaks down germs, viruses, and bacteria at the molecular level.

It comes with a touch screen panel that has a sensor that adjusts the fan speed (low, medium, high, turbo) automatically.

filter change indicator that gives consumers a good idea of unit performance. This ionic air purifier is easy to maintain, with a real HEPA filter that has to be replaced every 12 months. Overall, this ionic air purifier is a great option for allergy and asthma patients. You’ll also need the finest air purifier for infants with a 3-stage filtration system that includes a pre-filter for bigger airborne particles, an activated carbon filter for smells, and a HEPA filter for ultrafine particles for your children.


We hope you have deeply reviewed the working, benefits, and effects of an ionizer air purifier to get the answer to are ionizer air purifiers ls better?

Thus, we have concluded that ionizers are neither good nor bad as they produce negative ions which make particles stick to different things like walls, furniture, etc. It doesn’t capture dust particles at all and is more likely to produce harmful Ozone Gas.

On the other hand, air purifiers with HEPA filters actually capture dust particles and make the air free from any kind of particles. HEPA filters and air purifiers are usually a bit more expensive than ionizer air purifiers and they have high maintenance costs. Ionizers are best for removing harmful viruses and bacteria but for longer and better results you need to have a HEPA filter air purifier.

However, we do not recommend putting an ionizer in the room or near the patient suffering from respiratory issues.

Frequently Asked Questions | Are Air Purifiers with Ionizers Better?

Are ionizers healthy?

Ionizers emit negative ions in the air and negative ions are somehow beneficial for the human body too so the ionizer are healthy and aren’t much harmful

Does ionizer clean the air?

Ionizer doesn’t kill VOCs or remove odors from the air. They only fight against particulate dust particles and viruses

Do all ionizers create ozone?

Ionizers use an electrostatic charge to emit negative ions in the air which results in ozone. So all ionizers create ozone. When ozone reaches above the normal level it can damage the lungs.

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