Dyson Air Purifier HP02 |A Complete Review

Dyson is a renowned name, proving its versatility for a long time. They are compact and sleek, making them easy to clean and available in different designs and models from different series; AM series and HP series. The AM series is limited only to cools or cools and heat, while the HP series purifies the air. Dyson air purifier hp02 is one popular model that works ideally as it has a combination of HEPA and activated carbon filters—cleans the air by removing pollutants and impurities.

Since we are speaking here about the Dyson air purifier, let’s just get to know more about the features that it comes with.

Dyson HP02 Air Purifier

When we were searching about the features for the best filtration system, we have got three main factors; Efficiency, Maintenance, and mainly the Level or Purification. All o these three features are found in the Dyson hot and cool HP02 air purifier.

Speaking of its efficiency, the air purifier effectively cleans impurities from the air like pet hair, debris, dust, pollution, etc.

Here is what we found attractive in it

Key Features of Dyson HP02

The key features include

  • Multi-Functionality

This device is multifunctioning. It comes with a combination of a HEPA air purifier and a dispenser to push back the air in the area.

  • Sense Technology

Dyson Air purifier is an intelligent device as it detects the bad quality of air and automatically initiates the purification, and provides real-time air quality reports.

  • Air Flow

This air purifier is capable of providing a consistent airflow and delivers almost 77 gallons per second.

  • Removes impurities

Dyson HP02 has a top-notch air purifying system as it is the combination of HEPA filters that is capable of removing 99.97% of allergens. You can place it anywhere, even near the pets.

  • Electric Heater

This device can also be utilized as a personal heater. You just need to turn on the Jet Focus mode or turn on the room heating. It begins to heat the room with the thermostatic control and monitors the temperature with a suitable consistency.

Dyson HP02 Air Purifier Product Review

Dyson HP02 Air Purifier

Dyson HP02 Air Purifier


  • Dimensions: 8.7 x 6 x 24.88
  • Weight: 8.62 lbs.
  • Power Source: Electric Corded
  • Connectivity: App supported, Amazon Alexa
  • Warranty: 2 years

Dyson HP02 air purifier is not only a popular device, but it can do wonders itself with the versatile features that it has. This air purifier works on the principle of modern technology by syncing its work. This device is a wifi-enabled and Alexa or app-controlled, with which you can also get the live air quality report.

Dyson HP02 is capable of capturing harmful and toxic content from the air alongside the allergens. Compared to HP01, this device is compact and can be utilized as a desktop air purifier or cooler/heater, ideal for small spaces. It oscillates up to 180 degrees and supports the jet focus control.

With that, Dyson HP02 can heat and cool the room; in fact, it has a built-in UV light to sanitize water. Furthermore, it has an auto-mode that detects the air quality and adjusts itself accordingly.


  • It is an ideal air cooler, heater, and purifier for small and compact spaces.
  • Dyson HP02 supports WiFi and Alexa.
  • It is reliable, robust, user-friendly, and convenient.


  • It is expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions | Dyson HP02 Air Purifier

Q: What is a Jet Focus mode in Dyson HP02?

A: The jet focus technology is used in Dyson air purifiers to channel a powerful jet of air for heating the room or a diffused model that spreads the hot air widely efficiently.

Q: How many modes does Dyson offer?

A: Dyson offers Diffused, Personal mode and jet focus mode. The diffuse mode allows the user to spread the airflow at a cool or hot temperature. Personal mode focuses on a concentrated stream of air.

Q: What is the speed timer that it offers?

A: The speed timer is the mode that automatically turns off or adjusts the speed of the air purifier. All you have to do is set the interval that ranges from 15 minutes to 9 hours.

Q: Can Dyson Pure Hot and Cool HP02 air purifier purify without the hot/cool air fan?

A: If you want to use your Dyson for purifying purposes only, you can turn off the heater feature and lower the temperature. This will make your device work as an air purifier only.

Q: Can Dyson Dry out the air or minimize the humidity?

A: Dyson does not completely dry out the air; however, it can lower the humidity level in the air.

Q: How long can Dyson Last?

A: The life of an air purifier depends upon how well do you maintain your device. Speaking of the Dyson air purifier, it can last for more than six years.

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