iWave R Air Purifier Reviews

The air possesses unseen bacteria and pollutants that can trigger allergies and make the nose stuffy and suffocated. iWave R air purifier reviews have shown that this could work as a whole-house purifier. It can effectively remove impurities from the air, whether it is dust, smoke, odor, etc.

If we say iWave is the best whole house air purifier, then it would not be wrong as there are reports that have shown during the pandemic, its working was and still is top-notch. However, many people are unaware of the fact that iWave can be installed in the house HVAC system.

iWave R Air Purifier Reviews

Having a healthy indoor air quality is something that cannot be compromised, especially when you have a patient who is suffering from allergies. So, there must be a system that can clean the air effectively. That is why have an air purifier installed in your home’s HVAC system. iWave R air purifier is a wise option.

This air ionizer produces around 160 million ions per cubic centimeters that making it stand out from other air purifiers and combats with the pollutants more efficiently. Here is a quick view of

Product Specification of iWave R

iWave R Air Purifier

iWave R Air Purifier Reviews


  • Dimensions: 6 x 4.8 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight: 1 lb.
  • Airflow: 2400 CFM
  • Ion Output: 160 million ions streaming per cubic centimeter
  • Power: 10 Watt
  • Voltage: 24 to 240 VAC
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Warranty: 3 years

This air purifier is clearly not a conventional air purifier that requires a simple plug, and it begins to run, needing regular maintenance every three or six months. It is designed to be installed in the HAVC system or air conditioning ducts. That means it does not have any fan that pushes the air.

When the ions are released in the air, VOCs, gasses, and other particles are attached to the ions and get eliminated. There are two spaces where it is supposed to be installed; internal duct and external duct inlet near the fan.

For people installing it themselves, remember that high voltage emitters are high voltage emitters to maintain 2 inches away from the tip of metal and wire surface.

The Cleaning Process of iWave Air Purifier

The cleaning process work in two different ways by

  • Connecting the iWave to the direct power supply to run 24/7 or,
  • Make it work when the air flows to interlock iWave R with a fan.

The self-cleaning procedure of iWave R

This is programmed with the default settings to clean after every three days. However, you will get the option to set up after every one, three, five, or ten days. To clean the cycle, you have to push the cleaning mode button, and the LED light begins to flash.

Here is how you can set the cleaning mode.

  • iWave R cleaning every day: Hold the cleaning mode button for three seconds.
  • iWave R cleaning the third day: For that, hold the button for three seconds and press it again once.
  • iWave R cleaning the fifth day: Press and hold the button for three seconds and press it again twice.
  • iWave R cleaning the tenth day: Hold the button for three seconds and press it again thrice.

What is the room size coverage by iWave R Air Purifier?

iWave R air purifier can ionize 2400 cubic ft. every minute. Below we are elaborating the area size.

Room SizeTime RequiredACH
1500 square feetFive minutes12
3000 square feetTen minutes6
3750 square feetThirteen minutes4.8
4500 square feetFifteen minutes4
9600 square feetThirty minutes1.9
1800 square feetOne Hour1

It can replace the air every hour.

Pros of iWave R Air Purifier

  • It is an efficient air purifier for whole house.
  • Removes odor.
  • Soothes allergies like asthma or other seasonal allergies.
  • Effectively provides coverage to a large room.
  • It does not emit Ozone.
  • It is UL certified and CUL approved.

Cons of iWave R Air Purifier

  • It comes with a limited warranty.

iWave R Package includes

When you get the iWave R, in the package, you will get

  • iWave R air purifier
  • User Manual

How much Does the iWave air purifier cost?

As it is a whole-house air purifier, it is evident that it will cost you a bit, but every cent is worth spending when it comes to the iWave R air purifier. Speaking of its cost, make sure that the installation fee should be inclusive from wherever you are buying it. 

On average, the unit will only cost you around $400 maximum, excluding installation. At the same time, it will cost you around $700 to $1000. This is because it has to be installed in the HVAC system.

However, it is recommended that you should install an iWave R air purifier during the construction of the house.

Frequently Asked Questions | iWave R Air Purifier Reviews

How Does iWave R Air Purifier Work?

iWave R is designed to clean the household’s air quality via an HVAC system. Speaking of it, this air purifier is a needlepoint self-cleaning bipolar ion generator that is installed in the duct system.

Needle-point bi-Polar Ionization

The ions produced by the iWave come in contact with the contaminated particles present in the air and kill them immediately when the air passes through it.

The needle-point bi-polar ionization makes positive and negative ions likewise. When these ions are streamed in the air, they break down toxic compounds like oxygens, nitrogen, water vapor, etc.

These ions then attack the allergens and pathogens

When the ions are released in the air, they contact the viruses, mold, and other reactions that decompose the protein pathogens. The ions also attract allergens like pollens and other particles to prevent them from getting into the air.

The best part about this air purifier is that it is compatible with almost up to six tons of every HVAC system in the home and requires no maintenance or replacement for the parts.

iWave R generates ions that are similar to nature during lightning, ocean waves, or waterfalls.  The reason why it does not require manual cleaning is that it has a self-cleaning patented design that clears the purifier. This process is performed with the help of emitter brushes that clean it every three, five, or ten days.

How long can the iWave R air purifier last?

As it is installed in the HVAC system of the house and does not need a replacement, that means you can count on it for the long run. On average, as it is mentioned in iWave r air purifier reviews, this can last for around 10 to 15 years, almost the life expectancy of the HVAC system.

Is it worth getting an iWave air purifier?

iWave, regardless of its model, comes with advanced technology and a patent design that offers total air purification. When you get other air purifiers, you get the instructions along, like how to clean it or how often the filters should be cleaned or replaced.

With iWave, you don’t have to worry about it as it does not require that type of maintenance and can last long for almost 15 years. The self-cleaning design cleans the emitter brushes every five or ten days depending upon the air quality. So, if you are planning to get it, it is a win, win situation.

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