Bissell 220 Air Purifier Reviews | Updated Guide 2022

Bissell 220 is a low-range air purifier that was launched back in 2019. According to the Bissell 220, air purifier reviews this air purifier blends in easily with the environment and possesses features that might not be found in this price range.

In this guide, we thoroughly review Bissell 220 including the features, pros and cons, and every relevant detail that will convince you to consider bissellair as a must-have unit.

So, let’s begin.

Bissell 220 Air Purifier Reviews

Product Specifications of Bissell 220

SpecificationsBissell 220 Air Purifier
Dimensions24 x 14.5 x 8.5 inches
Weight18.7 lbs.
                                       Filter type               3-stage; mechanical and electrical
FiltersTrue HEPA and Carbon
Filter ReplacementEvery 6 months
CADR rating Maximum167 cfm
Coverage250 sq. ft. that changes 5 times per hour
Sensors and Auto-modeYes. VOC and ambient light sensors
Fan speedHas 5 fan speeds
Rated Power75 Watt
Noise LevelBetween 34 to 51 dB

What are the positive sides of the Bissell 220 air purifier?

We have found some fascinating features in the Bissell air220 review that includes

  • The design is a combination of retro-modern which means it can fit easily in every type of interior
  • It has the combination of a 3-stage filtration system with a separate pre-filter which is followed by HEPA and activated carbon filters
  • This air purifier possesses VOC sensor to detect the odors
  • Has 5 different fan speeds with an automatic mode
  • Bissell air220 has an automatic sleep mode that turns down the fan speed to ensure a sound sleep
  • It is AHAM (Association of Household Appliances Manufacturers)
  • Minimalistic lifestyle for this air purifier

What are the downsides of Bissell 220?

There are not much negative that we have found for this product and in Bissell air220 review. However, according to us, bissellair includes

  • Bissell air220 does not offer smart controls through app or remote
  • This air purifier should have a child lock feature too

Suitable area for Bissell Air 220

This will give you a rough estimate for the suitable room size to get most out of a bissellair

Air qualityAir Change per HourRoom sizeEstimated Time
Smoke8155 sq. ft.8 minutes
Allergies5250 sq. ft.12 minutes
Normal2625 sq. ft.30 minutes

Let’s jump to the detailed Bissell 220 air purifier review

 Features of Bissell air 220 reviews

1.    3-Stage Filtration System

The Bissell Air220 air purifier has three stages of physical filtration. Bissell Air220 uses distinct filters instead of a 3-in-1 composite filter, which has some advantages.

The cloth pre-filter is the first line of protection. Velcro strips secure the filter sheet to the HEPA filter. It captures bigger pollutants like pollen, pet fur, and hair as a main filter. The filter that comes with the main HEPA filter is changeable.

The main particle filter in the second stage of filtration is a True HEPA filter. It captures 99.97% of airborne particles smaller than 0.3 microns. Ultrafine dust, smoke particles, and pathogens are examples of these particles. The filter can be used for up to 6 months.

The third stage is an activated carbon odor filter. Activated carbon pellets fill the honeycomb-shaped odor filter. These pellets absorb scents and VOCs from the home. Bissell 220 air purifier further features a good number of activated carbon pellets to eliminate pet scents, cooking odors, and VOCs in the home.

Both the HEPA and carbon filters on the purifier have filter reset indications. The carbon filter, like the HEPA filter, can last up to six months.

2.    CADR Rating

Small to medium-sized rooms are ideal for the Bissell 220 air purifier. The Smoke CADR is 167 cfm, which means it can clean a 250-square-foot room five times every hour. As a result, it can be used in bedrooms, kitchens, and even children’s rooms. AHAM also certifies the CADR rating.

3.    Control Knob Feature

The control for the Bissell Air220 air purifier is a single gentle dial knob. By twisting the dial, you can quickly adjust the fan speed or switch to auto mode. The bissellair dial also serves as a power switch and a filter reset button. However, several critical features, such as a timer, are missing from the purifier.

4.    Automatic Modes

A built-in VOC sensor in the Bissell 220 air purifier detects odors and VOCs in the air. This will aid in the detection of odorous contaminants rather than particles. If scents or VOCs are your primary concern, it will be beneficial.

There are five manual fan speeds on the purifier. It adjusts the fan speed automatically based on the sensor reading in automatic mode. It also has a colorful LED bar that shows the current air quality in three different colors: blue, orange, and red.

5.    Night Mode

The Bissell air220 review should that it offers a convenient auto-sleep mode. It turns on in response to the ambient lighting in the room. During sleep mode, the display lights turn off. This makes it convenient to use in bedrooms at night.

6.    Touch Dial

It’s worth noting that the Air220 doesn’t come with many convenience features. The Air220, for example, lacks Wi-Fi connectivity and a high-tech air sensor, so it requires some human labor to operate. The soft-touch dial of Bissell air purifier is used to select between the five fan speeds. The unit is turned on and off by turning the dial, and the filter functions are reset by doing so.

7.    Shutter-Free Outlet

Bissell 220 air purifier uses a shutter-free or louver-free outlet to distribute clean air into a room, unlike many other air purifiers on the market. To avoid garbage and random objects from falling into the outlet and impeding uniform air circulation, bissellair adopts a louver-free design.

This little detail has altered our perceptions of air outlets. The outlet does not have any shutters, and it faces upward, shooting straight up to the ceiling, where it can gently fall across large spaces.

Bissell air purifier reviews

Frequently Asked Questions | Bissel Air 220 Reviews

1.    How frequently should I change the filters of Bissell?

Bissell 220 air purifier has a three-stage filtration system possessing True HEPA and carbon filters. For them, the estimated period to change the filters is around 6 months however, it can vary depending upon the quality of air in your area.

2.    Does Bissell 220 produce ozone?

No. When Bissell 220 was tested, it was found that this air purifier is 100% ozone free.

3.    Does it remove dust?

As we said earlier, the Bissell air220 air purifier has HEPA filters which means it can remove dust or any other pollutant from the air at 99.97% with optimal performance.

4.    Can Bissell 220 remove odors?

The Bissell 220 has a honeycomb filter that has large pores which are filled with activated carbon which helps to neutralize the odors. The built-in sensor for detecting VOC triggers efficiently detects odors or VOCs if present in the air. So, yes, it does remove odors.

5.    How many times does the Bissell air purifier changes the air?

Speaking of Bissell 220 specifically, it changes the air 5 times in an hour for a 250 sq. ft. area.

Conclusion | Bissel Air Purifier

If you are looking for an all-rounder air purifier then you can count on the Bissel air purifier due to its aesthetic looks and latest features. The filters are capable of cleaning the air actively and in a hassle-free manner.

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