How to clean Non-washable Hepa filter

How to clean non-washable Hepa filter.HEPA filters are the most preferred and reliable filters that are capable of removing air pollutants with the help of their synthetic fibers around 97.97 percent approximately. The could go long if maintained properly however, the permanent HEPA filters are fixed, requires more care as they are not washable. 

What are HEPA filters made of ?

High-Efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA) are made with synthetic fibers sometimes washable sometimes fixed permanently. Only the microns (the micrometers) that are only 0.3% are unable to be captured by it. 

Usually, a HEPA filter is a combination of different materials that include coarse glass fiber, vegetable fibers, coated animal hair, synthetic fibers (polyester/nylon), etc. Such fibers are tangled along and covered with sheets similar to paper. The sheets allow to pass the air through it, mounted on either the frame made of plastic, cardboard, metal, or wood. 

Can I clean a HEPA filter? (How do you clean a non washable hepa filter)

Yes. A HEPA filter can be cleaned as well as washable unless it is not labeled as a permanent filter. If not, then, you can wash it with soap and lukewarm water. Before washing it, tap the dust out or it will clog the filters down. 

You can also vacuum the dust but we recommend not to do so as it can damage the fiber. The fiber if stretched or torn out causes a gap among the fiber weave that will allow the dust particles to pass out easily. 

Again, before cleaning your filter, confirm that it is a washable filter.

Note: In case you are using a non-washable HEPA filter then, you have to take care of its cleaning more. 

To do it the right way, let’s find out 

How to clean non washable HEPA filters?

Any filter, whether it is washable or not should be cleaned a minimum of once a month and 6 months maximum for replacement otherwise the efficiency would be compromised. In order to clean your non-washable HEPA filters, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Remove the filters

Carefully do that without damaging it. The procedure varies based upon the different manufacturers. On the safe side, try to go through the user’s guide of the product to do it right.

Step 2: The Cleaning Process

Use a soft piece of cloth with the damp cloth. Make sure the excess water is being squeezed out. 

Step 3: Cleansing Method

Wipe your HEPA filter carefully. Rinsing the cloth is a must while cleaning your filter till it becomes dirt-free.

Step 4: Dry the filters

After cleaning, let the filters dry out in the air before placing them back. Prior to fixing them back, make sure that the filters are completely dry or they will cause damage to the functionality and efficiency of your air purifier.

Cleaning your air purifier’s filter this way will help to throw as much clean air as it can.