How Does an Air Purifier Work | Ultimate Guide

Air purifiers are not only rising but also making themselves an essential of every household and workplace. As per the recent pandemic situation, people stayed indoors that made it more necessary to provide clean and germ-free air to breathe. 

Though the air purifier is a reliable solution to eliminate pollutants of any kind from the air, the question that arises here is to what extent? In this blog, you will find out about how does an air purifier works?

How does air purifier work?

The aim of the air purifier is to sanitize the air by removing any kind of impurities including dust, allergens, pet hair, smoke, and even viruses too.

Sometimes people confuse it with the oil diffuser and humidifier but its functionality is different though it belongs to the same family. 

The working of the air purifier is different based upon the types of filters that are actually the reason for removing the pollutants and sanitizing the air. Some of them remove the particles from the air while others neutralize the air. The main kinds include HEPA filter, Activated Carbon Filters, and the Ion Air Purifier.

The air purifier that emits ions (negative) neutralizes the air by attaching with the dust particles in the ion air purifier. However, some have downsides like the emission of ozone emission.

Are they effective?

Yes to be precise. The air purifier will not be capable of removing or neutralizing the aggravating particles present in your home. This is because some of the particles stick to the soft surface like furniture, carpets, or beds even on the walls as well. 

What are the allergens? Is an air purifier capable of cleaning them from the air?

These are the substance which causes an adverse impact on the respiration of human beings like asthma and other allergies. The airborne allergens include pollens, dust mites, pet dander, etc. The HEPA purifiers are however is the best air purifier to catch such airborne allergies. 

Are these purifiers capable of removing mold?


Many air purifiers are capable of cleaning mold (a substance, fungi, that is caused on the walls indoors and outdoors due to moisture) which produces a bad odor. These purifiers mostly are HEPA filters that minimize the humidity level.  

Removes Smoke

The filter is equipped with purifiers that are capable of removing smoke from the air regardless of its type. However, they work effectively but cannot get rid of it completely but removes nicotine from the air. 

Remember, the air purifier would not work for..

Whilst the purpose of purifiers is to clean the air but they will work more efficiently when it is combined with a filter. Nonetheless, a factor that is core for efficiency is the size of your device. To cover the complete room, you will need a purifier that is larger in size else, you would need to place small portable purifiers in different corners. This is not recommended as this will cost you more. 

Although, this device could be a lifesaver but taking precautionary measures yourself is important. You can prevent your home by taking care of

  • Regular cleaning of carpets, furnitures and rugs with a HEPA filter vacuum.
  • If you have severe allergies, replace them with the wood flooring.
  • Use luke warm water to wash out the regularly. 
  • Bathe your pets to prevent animal dander.
  • Try not to smoke inside of the house.
  • Change the air filters every 30 to 90 days (as per requirement).