Nail Salon Air Purifier for Odor-free Ambiance

Running a salon or a nail bar means you have to be more careful about the hygiene and need to sanitize the air and tools frequently. Right after the global pandemic, this practice is implemented with more strictness. For the ambiance, you must count on the nail salon air purifier while for the tools you can take an approved antiseptic. The best air purifier for nail salons not only cleans the air from impurities but also will minimize the unbearable smell of nail paints. So, in both cases, it is a win, win situation.

Speaking of the best air purifiers, what unit is recommended for your salon? Well, this guide has been made by listing the nail salon fume extractor.

Our Picks for Nail Salon Air Purifier Include

1.    BlueAir Air Purifier | Air Purifier for Nail Bar

BlueAir Air Purifier

 BlueAir Air Purifier

Product Specifications

  • Dimension: 27 x 17 x 8 inches
  • Weight:  43.4 lbs
  • Filter: HEPA
  • Filter type: Replaceable
  • Coverage: 700 sq. ft. for large room
  • Fan setting: 3 Fan Speed
  • Wifi Connectivity: Yes

The Blueair Classic air purifier will not fail you if you wish to keep your hair and nail salon clean and pure. It’s a powerful air purifier made for salon studios that are 700 to 800 square feet in size.

The HEPASilent technology captures 99.97 percent of airborne contaminants and acrylic nail particles by combining mechanical filtration with an electrostatic charge. Additionally, activated coconut carbon is used in the dual protection filters to eliminate gaseous pollutants from hair and nail salons.

The air quality sensors of this nail salon fume extractor provide real-time air quality monitoring. As a result, the air purifier changes the fan speed in auto mode to save energy. Furthermore, the user-friendly control panel allows you to choose from three different fan settings.

This Air Purifier for Nail Bar has Dual Protection filters in the device that are made of activated coconut carbon, which eliminates gaseous pollutants and smoke without the use of chemicals. These filters are available separately and should be updated every two years, depending on usage.

Other than that, this air purifier’s sensors auto mode function continuously monitors the air quality in the room and changes the fan speed accordingly to maintain healthy air quality.

The Blueair Classic 480i offers excellent air cleansing capabilities, making it perfect for use in a salon. It filters out particles as thin as 0.1 microns, keeping your customers and employees safe from pollution.

Further, this air purifier offers smart features like connectivity through WIFI that make it convenient for the user, making it App operated and Alexa controlled air purifier.


  • This air purifier is energy efficiently
  • It is an app controlled device.
  • Wifi connectivity makes it work with Alexa too


  • The highest fan setting makes the device loud.

2.    Air Oasis Air Purifier 1000G3 | Nail salon fume extractor

Air Oasis Air Purifier 1000G3

Air Oasis Air Purifier 1000G3

Product Specifications

  • Dimension: 4 x 4 x 14.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.4 kg
  • Filter type: Filterless
  • Coverage: 3000 sq. ft.
  • Noise Level: 30 dB
  • Wifi Connectivity:

The Air Oasis 1000XG3 Air & Surface Purifier is a filterless air purifier for commercial use in severely polluted spaces like salons. Because of the excessive usage of beauty items such as dyes and nail paint, salons are known to have high amounts of volatile organic compounds.

This nail salon fume extractor UV air purifier has been shown to remove 99 percent of allergies, mould, and volatile organic compounds. Ionization, Air Oasis’ Hydrated Photocatalytic Oxidation (AHPCO), and germicidal UVC are all used in the Air Oasis 1000XG3 Air & Surface Purifier.

The device’s ions spread throughout the space, removing impurities including smells, mould, volatile organic compounds, germs, viruses, and allergies from the air and surfaces.

The Air Oasis 3000XG3 Air & Surface Purifier is a filterless air purifier designed for commercial usage in high-contamination areas such as salons. Due to the excessive usage of beauty items such as dyes and nail paint, salons are known to have high amounts of volatile organic compounds.

This UV air purifier has been shown to remove up to 99 percent of allergens, mould, and volatile organic compounds. Ionization, Air Oasis’ Hydrated Photocatalytic Oxidation (AHPCO), and germicidal UVC are among the innovative technologies used by the Air Oasis 3000XG3 Air & Surface Purifier.

The device’s ions move throughout the room, removing impurities including smells, mould, VOCs, germs, viruses, and allergies from the air and surfaces.


  • This device comes with advanced technology.
  • It is a filterless air purifier.
  • Environment-friendly and energy-efficient device.


  • Comparatively Expensive than others.

3.    Iqair GC MultiGas Air Purifier | Best Air Purifier

Iqair GC MultiGas Air Purifier

Iqair GC MultiGas Air Purifier

Product Specifications

  • Dimension: 16 x 15 x 28 inches
  • Weight: 29 lbs.
  • Filter: H11 HyperHEPA
  • Coverage: 1125 sq. ft.
  • Fan setting: 6 fan speed
  • Power Source: AC/ DC

When it comes to fumes, VOCs, and other chemical-based health dangers, IQAir’s MultiGas is the air purifier to beat. The air purifier uses four stages of filtration to guarantee that no particles, chemicals from cosmetics, dust, or other irritants remain in the air. The professional design of IQAir GC MultiGas is both efficient and useful.

This Nail salon fume extractor can clean up to 1240 sq. ft. of the area many times each hour, making it ideal for a nail salon. Air enters the purifier body from the bottom, where the Hyper HEPA filter is housed, and travels up through the many activated carbon cylinders, which remove VOCs, harmful pollutants, artificial nail product fumes, chemical compounds, and other odors.

A subsequent stage employs chemisorption to eliminate hazardous compounds such as formaldehyde that are emitted into the air when nails are dried with a blow dryer. After that, the air is cleaned by passing it through a post-filter sleeve, which keeps activated carbon particles from escaping with the air.

The purifier cylinders have a carbon capacity of 12 pounds, and when combined with alumina pallets, they can handle practically any organic component found in a nail salon. Furthermore, the purifier is quite silent at its lowest fan setting, using only 27 watts.

Although it has a somewhat higher price tag, the IQAir medical-grade air purifier will keep your nail salon air safe, and its air cleaning abilities, big room coverage, 320-degree airflow, and low power consumption make it a terrific pick.


  • This air purifier provides great coverage with 320 degrees of airflow
  • It comes with a Hyper HEPA Filter
  • Has 4 carbon cylinder and offer complete 360-degree protection.
  • Quiet in operation


  • The only thing that we can consider as a downside is its price.

4.    Levoit LV-H128 | Best Air Purifier for Nail Salon

Levoit LV-H128

Levoit LV-H128

Product Specification

  • Dimension: 6.69 x 6.69 x 10.43
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs.
  • Filter: 3- Stage filtration
  • Coverage: 403 ft.
  • Fan setting:

The Levoit air purifier LV-H128 is a smaller and more portable version of the famous manufacturer’s excellent product. The reason this air purifier didn’t make the budget cut is that it sacrifices the coverage for ultra-portability and lower power consumption, making it an excellent alternative for nail salon counters.

With a height of about 10 inches, it is one of the tiniest air purifiers on the market. Despite its compact size, Levoit makes certain compromises when it comes to air purification. The air purifier has three stages of filtration and, to compensate for its compact size, two similar filters for more effective cleaning.

The air passes through a pre-filter, which captures bigger particles such as lint, human hair, pet fur, and dust. Before sending the air through the carbon filters, the True HEPA filter screens 99.97 percent of particles 0.3 microns and larger.

The carbon filter’s size and low carbon concentration make it unsuitable for an entire nail salon, but it’s a good choice for individual workplace counters. While the carbon filter is ineffective against wildfire smoke, it is adequate against fumes from nail polish removers and cosmetics.

Like other Levoit air purifier devices, the purifier’s body features a single button control mechanism, and the indication surrounding it will light red when the filters need to be replaced.

Overall, the gadget is ideal for usage in individual workstations because it is extremely quiet and uses only 6 watts of electricity. It also has a diffuser option, so you may add your client’s favorite essential oil scent for a more pleasant encounter.

It has a chosen feature set that makes it a cost-effective salon air purifier that can be put on different worktops.


  • The design makes it handy which makes it easy to handle.
  • It consumes low power usage and has a low noise level.
  • It also works as an oil diffuser.
  • Levoit is a smart device that is compatible with Alexa


  • The coverage is limited.
  • Filters of this air purifier need to be replaced regularly.

5. Alen BreatheSmart Air Purifier | Salon air purifier for ventilation

Alen BreatheSmart Air Purifier

Alen BreatheSmart Air Purifier

Product Specification

  • Dimension: 10 x 17.75 x 26.75 inches
  • Weight: 21 lbs.
  • Filter: Medical Grade H13 True HEPA
  • Filter type: Non-Washable
  • Coverage: 1100 sq. ft.
  • Power Source: 120 V

The Alen BreatheSmart Classic is a stylish air purifier that incorporates Alen’s greatest air purification technology into a practical design.

This Salon air purifier for ventilation has an exterior that comes in six different trims, allowing you to match the color palette of your manicure shop.

The Alen BF35-VOC filter is the finest solution for a nail salon environment since it can handle all pollutants found in a nail salon. This purifier, like the others on our list, includes a pre-filter, HEPA filter, and carbon filter.

Alen combines its filters into a single package that is very efficient but can be pricey to update every year. The classic can alter the speed of its fan based on pollution levels thanks to the incorporation of sophisticated sensors and autonomous operation.

When the air quality drops, the air quality display changes color, and the fan can be heard operating at full power, ensuring a clean supply of breathing air for both your nail salon clients and workers.

The purifier can produce 290 cubic feet per minute in turbo mode, which is enough to provide 2 air cycles per hour (ACH) in an 1100 square foot area, making it an excellent choice for a big nail salon.

The BF35-VOC is a technological marvel that can filter particulate materials with 99.99 percent accuracy, even down to 0.1 microns.

The filter is effective against nail salon chemicals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), scents, and even smoking. Choose from Brushed Stainless, Espresso, Graphite, Maple, or Oak finishes to complement your nail salon’s visual appeal.


  • The coverage of this air purifier is impressive.
  • BF35 VOC filters remove the toxic content effectively.
  • It offers a lifetime warranty.
  • It is a Salon air purifier for ventilation


  • This device is quite loud as compared to another air purifier for nail bar

6.    Coway Airmega 400 Smart Air Purifier | Best air purifier for acrylic smell

Coway Airmega 400 Smart Air Purifier

Coway Airmega 400 Smart Air Purifier

Product Specifications

  • Dimension: 14.8 x 14.8 x 22.8 inches
  • Weight: 24.7 lbs.
  • Filter: 3-stage filtration
  • Filter type: Washable pre filters
  • Coverage: 1560 sq. ft.

If you are looking best air purifier for acrylic smell it features an automated filtration system that can easily cover any salon, the Coway Airmega 400 Smart Air Purifier will alleviate all of your concerns about indoor air pollution.

When you consider that it can easily cover 1560 sq. ft. many times an hour, the whole design is small and professional.

This air purifier with nail bar is designed for big nail salons and can handle hair, pollen, smoke particles, fumes, beauty product chemicals, poisons, and even volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Carbon pellets improve the efficacy of carbon filters by removing all volatile substances, poisonous gases, and harmful chemical vapors that are common in nail salons. Formaldehyde is a proven carcinogen in rats, according to research, and it must be removed from the air, which the Coway carbon filters perform flawlessly.

The Coway Airmega 400 Smart Air Purifier has an LED display on the outside that changes color depending on the air quality index (AQI) received from the air quality sensor. Blue signifies healthy air quality, whereas red indicates low air quality and activates the purifying system immediately.

The increased purifying capacity has an impact on power consumption, with peak power usage hovering around 66 watts. While this may appear to be a lot, the Coway 400 has one of the finest air purifications per watt figures available.

This nail salon air purifier has a clever sensor that adjusts the fan speeds and reduces the power draw to below 30 watts at the lowest setting as soon as the air quality returns to safe levels.

The Coway Airmega 400S has a high price tag, but its many working modes, touch screen controls, air quality sensors, filter change indications, and superb air purification per watt ratio more than make up for it.


  • It works with automatic operations with the help of smart sensors.
  • Electricity saver air purifier
  • The quality is durable and can be moved easily.


  • The overall maintenance of this air purifier is costly.

Frequently Asked Questions | Best Nail Salon Air Purifier


Do air purifier work for nail salon?

Yes. The air purifier for nail salon offers clean ambiance to the staff as well as the clients because they are capable of capturing and tackling the fumes and other organic compounds of the beauty products. The above listed air purifiers are efficient to work against all of them effectively.

Are air purifiers a waste of money?

If you are in the dilemma of whether or not to get an air purifier, the simplest answer to it they are not. This is because the air purifier is recommended by EPA and CDC asthma patients to minimize the risk of attack or the pollutants that are prone to trigger such allergies.

Do air purifiers remove toxins?

Air purifiers that come with activated carbon filters are more effective to work against the toxins in the air. They are more likely to remove formaldehyde, benzene, fumes, smoke and other type of toxins.

Conclusion | Nail Salon Air Purifier

Your clients require both protection and a makeover. Additionally, in order to be healthy and productive, your staff deserves to work in a safe setting. As a result, think about getting an air purifier to get rid of any contaminants in the air in your hair and nail shop.

In this article, we have searched for the products that are ideal nail salon air purifiers. Hope this article will be beneficial to getting the right product for your salon.

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