Hokie Air Purifier -An Extensive Review Guide for 2022

Hokie air purifier could be a good option to deal with the pollutants within the limited budget. Its inexpensive filter replacement is a plus too that makes it overall a low to medium maintained air purifier. However, whether you are buying a hokeki or planning to make its filter replacement, this guide is for you.

Indoor air is more polluted due to toxins like pet dander, smoke smell, dust, and other VOCs, airborne bacteria. hokeki air purifier reviews have mentioned that the three-stage filtration system, can help to provide clean air.

Here in this blog, we have targeted the Hokie air purifier for our review. Let’s get started.

Hokie Air Purifier Review

Hokie Air Purifier

Product Specifications of Hokie air purifier

SpecificationsHokie Air Purifier
Dimensions17.2 x 7.5 inches
Weight8.15 lbs.
FiltrationThree-stage filtration
Filter typesNylon, HEPA & Activated Carbon
Filters lifeMinimum 6 to Maximum 8
CADR Rating130 cfm per minute
Coverage Area195 sq. ft; change the air 5 times per hour
Automatic ModeYes, it has it.
SensorsVOC Sensor
Noise Level29 to 52 dB
Fan Speed3
Power & Voltage120V AC 60 Hz

What are the positive sides of Hokie Air Purifier?

According to hokeki air purifier reviews, we have found the following pros of this unit.

  • Hokeki has an impressive threw-stage filtration system
  • It uses True HEPA as its primary filter
  • This air purifier possesses a smart air quality sensor
  • It is a medium ranged air purifier
  • It has a stylish design similar to a Levoit
  • updates with the real-time air quality status
  • Has an easy to carry handle design
  • It is an ozone-free air purifier
  • Hokie air purifier is CARB approved

What are the downsides of the Hokie air purifier?

Similar to other products, this air purifier comes with the following cons

  • It does not offer operations with the remote control
  • This air purifier is incapable to filter odors properly

Now, as you are aware of the basics of Hokeki, let’s continue with the description of hokeki air purifier reviews deeply.

Hokie Air Purifier Review

The air purifier has always been an essential part of the household having a big family and pets. For this guide, we have selected hokeki so, let’s get to its feature.

1.    Filtration system; 3-Stage

Each day, 10,000 liters of air pass through our lungs. The human body needs 420 liters of oxygen to operate and survive. A purifier with a robust filtration system is required to guarantee that you and your family continue to breathe clean, fresh air while home.

Hokeki Air Purifier includes a three-stage filtration system, which is fortunate for you. Anti-bacterial pre-filter is the initial stage of the filtration system. The pre-filter is made of nylon and collects large pollutants including dust, hair, lint, and fibers.

The True HEPA filter is the second step of the filtering system. A True HEPA filter collects 99.97% of particles as tiny as 0.3 microns in the air. Allergens, fine dust, and pet dander are examples of such particles.

The multi-care filter is really a 3M melt blown filter produced in the United States. Deep dust retaining technology and electret adsorption technology are included. As a result, the filter is capable of filtering with low resistance and great efficiency.

The activated carbon filter is the final stage in the filtration system. It is made of granular carbon and aids in the removal of smells, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and hazardous gases. The air purifier has a CADR of 130 CFM thanks to its robust filtering mechanism.

In only 12 minutes, it can clean up to 200 square feet of area, or five times in an hour. As a result, the air purifier is ideal for use in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, nurseries, and offices.

Use a vacuum to remove dust and other particles from the net pre-filter. At the very least, do it twice a month.

2.    Air Quality Monitoring

A built-in air quality sensor is included with the Hokeki Air Purifier. When the sensor is turned on, it monitors air quality. They are capable of detecting VOCs, smells, and gases. The air quality monitor continually checks for contaminants in the air. The findings will be displayed if the sensors identify the presence of pollutants in the air.

The air purifier comes with a one-of-a-kind AQ system that shows air quality levels. Blue indicates great air quality, green indicates acceptable air quality, orange indicates medium air quality, and red indicates poor air quality.

This air purifier has three speeds. You have the option of selecting a low, medium, or high pace. It also includes an auto mode that adjusts to the quality of the air around it. It will set the purifier to an orange or red light if the air quality level displays an orange or red light indication.

The purifier will pull in more air through the air intake as a result of this. It will purify the air by trapping contaminants and then dispersing clean, fresh air throughout the space.

3.    Design

The Hokeki Air Purifier is a cylindrical device with a 360-degree air intake and a top-mounted exit. The device takes unfiltered air, cleans it, and distributes fresh air throughout the space thanks to the bottom-to-top airflow idea.

The air purifier is 7.5 by 17.16 inches in size and weighs 8.15 pounds. It’s small and portable, so you can take it from room to room. The manufacturer has made things easy for you by including a carry handle on the device.

It is located on top of the unit and allows you to move it from one room to another. If you just have one unit, put it in the room where you spend the most time.

Just keep in mind that restricting the air intake and outflow will hinder the airflow. We appreciated the touch controls as well as the carry handle. You may change the purifier’s settings with a single touch. It’s also simple to clean the capacitive touch control panel.

The touch controls add to

  • It has three operating modes; auto, fan speed, sleep mode
  • Checking the filter indications
  • Timer (2H, 4H, 8H)
  • Power Switch
  • Air quality LED indicator

You may use the timer feature to select one of three timer choices. This method starts the purifier and turns it off once the specified amount of time has passed. It will help you to save both money and energy as a result of this. When using the purifier, remember to keep the windows and doors closed.

Also, be aware that the timer has a memory function. This implies that even if the purifier is switched off, the preset parameters will be remembered.

4.    Noise Level of Hokie Air Purifier

The Hokeki Air Purifier is one of the most popular household appliances since it is extremely quiet. The air purifier has a sound level of 23 dB while in sleep mode. At 20dB, the sound intensity is somewhat greater than that of a mosquito.

The air purifier produces 52dB of noise at its peak fan speed. While this is louder than ordinary household noise of 25 decibels, it is quieter than a usual discussion of 60 decibels. The good news is that the purifier’s sound level is not dangerous even at its greatest speed. Noise levels exceeding 85 decibels are considered harmful by experts.

When operating at maximum speed, the machine consumes 32 watts. If you operate the purifier at maximum capacity for 24 hours, it will cost you 9 cents each day (at a rate of 12 cents per kWh) and $2.8 per month. This indicates that the purifier is energy efficient, saving you money and improving your health all year.

Frequently Asked Question | Hokie Air Purifier


What does the hokeki air purifier red light mean?

Every air purifier indicates a different issue with blinking lights. However, the hokeki air purifier color code red represents some kind of maintenance or cleaning of the air purifier.

Can an air purifier cool the room?

An air purifier does not have the ability to minimize the room temperature or cool down the air. However, a dehumidifier can make a misty ambiance that may give a cooling effect. 

Can I clean the filters of the air purifier on regular basis?

Cleaning the air purifier on regular basis is a good practice that can make its life longer. You can use a soft brush or a vacuum for cleaning the pre-filters.

How to turn off the hokeki air purifier red light?

This probably begins to blink when hokeki needs cleaning which continues until the filters are clean. To turn it off, you have to perform the cleaning first. Remember to turn off the unit completely first before beginning the process. Once it is done, you can turn on the unit back and the light will be gone.

What is the cost of the Hokeki air purifier?

When you calculate the cost of hokeki, it will be around $45 for the filters for almost 6 months with an energy consumption of

5.    What size of Hokeki air purifier should I get?

Here is a guide that will make it easy for you to understand the right size of hokeki

Suitable conditionsAir Change per hourRoom SizeRequired time
Smoke8120 sq. ft.8 minutes
Allergies5195 sq. ft.12 minutes
Regular Use2490 sq. ft.30 minutes

Conclusion | Hokeki

You can’t go wrong with the Hokeki Air Purifier whether you live in a small or medium-sized flat. It has a 3-in-1 filtering system that collects pet dander, fur, lint, hair, VOCs, and smoke, among other things. It can not only trap pollutants but also detect their existence in the air and display the degree of air quality. This allows you to fine-tune your purifier’s settings for maximum cleaning effectiveness. We recommend the Hokeki Air Purifier if you’re searching for a smart air purifier that’s both strong and silent.

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