How Fast do Dehumidifiers Work?

Investing in a dehumidifier can make your life much easier; if you know how it works and how long does it take to dehumidify a room. Similar to an air purifier, it works according to the space, size, and where it is placed.

A dehumidifier should be of appropriate size and strength. When you use it for the first time, it may feel like it does not work at all or makes an unnoticeable change in the room, but this is not the case. It needs a warm-up before it begins to start working properly which is around 12 hours for the first time.

If you think your dehumidifier is not working properly, this article will help you comprehend if it is actually not working or the circumstances influencing its operating speed.

How Long Does it takes to Dehumidify a Room?

How Long Does it takes to Dehumidify a Room

Dehumidifiers regulate the humidity level by extracting excess water from the air and making it livable. Moreover, it turns the air inhospitable to dust mites, bacteria, and other allergens. However, an air dehumidifier may take up to 12 hours in order to show results and reach the ideal level of air humidity that a house requires.

Many other models that have been banned in the market start working instantly, but some require time to adjust to the environment around them. Nevertheless, you can get a hand on the hygrometer in order to monitor the working of the dehumidifier.

Whether we determine the average time of a dehumidifier, the answer of how long does it take to dehumidify a room remains under the influence of factors that play a great role in its overall performance. Here are some important conditions that have a great impact on dehumidifier working. Let’s walk through it.

What is the Tank Size and Capacity of Dehumidifier?

Like other appliances, a dehumidifier comes in different capacities and sizes. Its capacity depends on how much water it extracts from the air instead of how large it is. The most usually found capacities are 30L, 15L, and 45L. However, you can find these capacities in both large and small tanks.

 The higher the capacity, the more water the unit will extract in the same period of time.  Here are some levels of units that determine the average time taken to dehumidify a room.

            •           12 Liter: a dehumidifier with the capacity of 12 liters takes 34 minutes to dehumidify a 50 sq. foot room at 27-degree temperature for 90% to 40% relative humidity. On the other hand, it takes 15 minutes for 80% to 50% relative humidity.

            •           20 Liter: a unit with the capacity of 20 Liters consumes around 17 minutes in order to dehumidify a 50 sq. foot room for 90% to 40% relative humidity and 8 minutes for 80% to 40% relative humidity.

            •           30 Liter: a dehumidifier with 30 Liter capacity dehumidifier a room of around 50 sq. feet at the temperature of 27 degrees consumes 11 minutes for 90% to 40% relative humidity and 6 minutes for 80% to 50% relative humidity.

What is the Dampness level of a Dehumidifier?

Dampness level affects dehumidifiers working greatly. You can have a hygrometer to determine if your dehumidifier has enough capacity to collect the required moisture from the room. From the room of area 500-2500 sq. foot, a dehumidifier collects

            •           5-15 at a moderate humidity level

            •           6-18 liters at a high humidity level

            •           7-21 liters at an almost wet humidity level

            •           9-25 liters at extremely wet level

Moreover, with the fluctuating dampness level, the speed of dehumidifying also changes. If the dampness level is high, it may take a long time to dehumidify a room. On the other hand, at low humidity levels, the unit consumes relatively less time.

Size of room

The size and design of the room also leave a great impact on the answer of how long does it take to dehumidify a room. Moreover, ventilation is also a crucial factor that cannot be ignored.

If you place a dehumidifier in a large room with good ventilation, it will take less time.

On the other hand, if you place a unit in a small room but with a poor ventilation system, it will take relatively more time to dehumidify a room. A good ventilation system increases the air pass through, which reduces the humidity level, whereas a closed room traps the humidity in the air.

Placement of a Dehumidifier

An air dehumidifier requires air from all four sides. You are required to place it in the middle of the room for best performance and efficient response. If it is not possible, try to put it on the side, but not near the wall.

Placing it or hanging it near the wall can obstruct taking in and blowing out the air, which will reduce its efficiency and will take more time to dehumidify the air. An open place allows taking in the air freely without any obstruction and blowing it out, dehumidifying and normalizing the humidity level for comfortable breathing.

The working of every dehumidifier is the same yet different in some cases so, in this blog, you will find out about how fast do dehumidifiers work in general. 

However, it would be best to keep in mind that it takes some time to show complete results.

Every dehumidifier initially takes some time almost 12 hours to begin and 19 minutes for every 50 meters per square.

Nevertheless, there are some models that take time to warm and normalize the humidity level while some models are prone to show instant results after turning on. Further, from this blog, you can comprehend how various factors affect the efficiency of a dehumidifier.

How Fast do Dehumidifiers Work?

How Long Does It Take For A Dehumidifier To Work

A dehumidifier is a device that collects excessive water from the air and makes it comfortably livable. It makes the air inhospitable for allergens, viruses, and other harmful bacteria that nourish in dampness.

A few dehumidifiers may take up to 12 hours to collect the moisture from the air. Conversely, some show instant results. If your dehumidifier is taking a long time to normalize the air quality, it may be because of high humidity levels, poor ventilation, and many other reasons.

Dehumidifiers are efficient in working, but some factors can make their working slow and give delayed results.

Some other factors that cause an impact are

Energy Factor and Fan Speed

The energy factor is the primary factor that influences the working of a dehumidifier. The efficiency of a unit is measured by energy factor, in liters of water removed per kilowatt-hour of energy consumed. However, the higher energy factor means the more efficient humidifier and its working also depends on the fan speed.

Generally, a dehumidifier comes with a dual-fan speed option. If you set it at fast mode, more air will pass through in less time. Similarly, more water will be extracted, and it will dehumidify the room in less time. On the other hand, if you set it on low speed, it will definitely dehumidify the space, but in no time because low fan speed will take in less air and take more time to collect the water.

However, in order to get the full result, choose a dehumidifier that complements your room size and design and works efficiently to dehumidify the room.

What is the Right Time to Use a Dehumidifier?

You can witness different dampness levels at different times of the day. In the daytime, the temperature is usually high due to the heat of the sun. It makes the water evaporate and wander in the air. In areas like around the sea or near the canal, humidity levels are usually high, so, if you run it in the morning, it will work more efficiently and collect more water from the air.

On the other hand, at night time, due to less temperature, the humidity level is usually low. Similarly, at that time, the dehumidifier will work but will be able to collect less water.

Moreover, at this time, it will consume more energy. If you want it to work to the fullest, it is recommended to use it during the day.

Note: Some may suggest the right time to use a dehumidifier is night from 10 pm to 7 am but it totally depends upon the quality of the air.

Empty the Reservoir

Dehumidifiers usually have a removable default bucket. When the air runs through the coils, it collects water and drains it into the bucket. After a few hours, according to the condition, it fills up. Moreover, the dehumidifier generally has an automatic shutoff option when the bucket fills up.

In order to avoid the inconvenience of humidity, dump it occasionally so it can keep working continuously. Some dehumidifiers have large buckets, and you do not need to dump them twice a day, but some models feature short buckets, which require checking more often.


The position of the unit primarily influences the answer of how fast do dehumidifiers work. It requires ventilation from 360 degrees. Therefore, you are recommended to place it in the middle of the room to get the full result. However, if it is not possible for you, you can put it with the wall, but at some distance.

If you place it in an open space, more air will get filtered. Similarly, the humidity level will go down. However, if you put it beside the wall, the air intake will be obstructed. Likewise, it won’t be able to filter the air entirely and will not give expected results.

Humidity level

The humidity level is the game-changer of a dehumidifier. If you place the dehumidifier in a large room with a large gathering, it will take more time to show results because the humidity level will be high, and the dehumidifier will have to work harder to show full results.

However, if you place it in a small room with a small gathering, it will show better results because the humidity level will be below. Moreover, the ventilation system of the room is another key factor that contributes to the humidity level. In a well-ventilated room, the humidity level will be low, but the humidity level will be high in a poorly ventilated space. 

In The End

If you reside in the surrounding areas of sea a beach then, a dehumidifier is a must have gadget for your home. However, the working of a dehumidifier is not only dependent upon the features but also on some external factors. Similarly, the placement of the dehumidifier and the design of the room can make a big difference

To be precise, there is no fix or legit answer to the question as it varies from unit to unit because of the working according to the condition.

In this blog, we have assembled a guide for our readers in order to evaluate how fast your device will work as well as the time it will consume to provide the required results.

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