How to Clean Pir Purifier filter Honeywell

How to clean air purifier filter, Honeywell.Honeywell air purifiers are renowned air purifiers. They have patented their air filtration systems to guarantee their efficiency as well as their high performance.

As it is one of the top-rated air purifiers, it requires proper cleaning and maintenance with diligence or there are chances that you can easily damage it.

However, cleaning a Honeywell air purifier is way easy. By following these easy steps, your air purifier would be as good as new. So, let’s get started.

How to clean air purifier filter Honeywell

How to clean air purifier filter Honeywell 1

Cleaning the purifier refers to relacing or washing the air filters. There are a variety of filters that are available in the Honeywell models this includes

  • Activates carbon filters
  • HEPA filters
  • Washable pre-filters

All of these types are cleaned in a different method at different levels of frequencies. However, the HEPA filters are capable of going 2 to 3 years longs. The overall life of Honeywell filters is around this but, a carbon filter lasts for 3 to 6 months only. On the contrary to all of them, the washable pre-filters require a scheduled wash every month.

Along with the filter types, some external factors also matters like,

  • The area you live in (whether they are of low-quality air)
  • The type of water should use for the filters
  • How much to use the air purifier

Dust particles are the part of air 24/7 so obviously, you will need to use an air purifier all the time but with regular maintaining. Usually, a purifier works 12 hours a day thus, it is necessary to clean it to maintain its health.

Here are some easy steps to clean Honeywell purifier

Steps for cleaning air filters

How to clean air purifier filter Honeywell

If your Honeywell is stuck with dust particles and pet hair, you don’t have to worry about it. Following are the steps that make it easy to clean.

  • Turn off the air purifier by unplugging it.
  • Open the tower cap of the air filters.

Note: You must have knowledge about what type of filters do the air purifier has.

Some of the filters might be good with a wash whilst the other will need to be replaced.

In case, it is a pre-filter

  • Remove the filters from the grill or the cover
  • Shake your air filter well to remove the dust. Perform this either outside or near the dust can.
  • Check if the pre-filters are worn before. In case they are, you need to get a new filter for your purifier.
  • If they are not worn then wash them with lukewarm soapy water and dry them in natural air.

If air filters require a replacement then,

  • Remove the filters from the purifier.
  • Check out for the sign of wear *. Usually, the HEPA filters do not require a regular change or replacement.
  • In case the filters are totally worn out then, you need to buy identical air filters for your Honeywell filters that match the model.
  • Smooth the creases and close the grill properly.

Note: The structure of the air filters will deteriorate if the filters are completely worn out. However, the discoloration of the filter does not indicate if it is worn out or not.

Try not to use bleach, detergents, water, and soap from the permanent filters but if they are washable, then feel free to use them all.