Top 7 Best Desktop Air Purifier

Speaking of the best desktop air purifier, they only provide coverage to a small area. However, the mini air purifiers alone can do a great job by cleaning the surrounding within the limited area; safe to place on your workstation or near your nightstand be more beneficial for people suffering from severe allergies and respiratory issues.

The desktop air purifier usually works for both office and home to freshen up the air but it cannot provide coverage to a large area. That is one of the reasons why it is popular by the name of desk air purifier. The tabletop air purifier utilizes the HEPA filters along with multiple fan speeds to work effectively similar to an air purifier for large room.

After conducting research, based upon the features, here we have enlisted the best desktop air purifier.





1. Kenmore Elite 81714 Pet Friendly

Has a solid and robust motorized pet hair tool
Designed with wheels
Power cord is 26-foot long and retractable

2 . Vacmaster VK809PWR 020 

The tank size is quite impressive
Long cord of 30 foot 
125 CFM powerful suction  

3 .

Bosch 9 Gallon Dust 

Wheels make movability easy
The debris tank 
It comes with self-cleaning filtration system 

4 Makita XCV 11z 18v

It has an impressive suction power 
The accessories are handy 
Noise level is 76 dB

5 Oreck BB1200DB Vacuum Cleaner 

It is portable due to its light eight
Possess blower functionality 
It comes with a blower functionality 

6 .Miele Complete C3 Marin 

Has powerful motor of 1200 W
Easily movable 
Separate motorized brushes for carpet cleaning

Our Picks for the Best Desktop Air Purifier Include

1. Wynd plus smart personal air purifier

Wynd plus smart personal air purifier

Wynd plus smart personal air purifier


  • Dimension: 3.35 x 3.35 x 6.65 inches
  • Weight: 0.96 pounds
  • Coverage area: 150 sq. ft.
  • Filters: pre-installed medical-grade filter
  • Fan speed: 3
  • Control method: App

Wynd Plus is the best desktop air purifier with a positive pressure bubble to keep polluted air out. It possesses an efficient filtration system, including a pre-filter to enhance the filter’s life and medical-grade filter.

These filters 99.99% cleanse the air by removing pollen, allergens, danders, dust and raise the air quality eligible for the patient.

This unit is equipped with an air quality sensor to monitor the air in the room. It is integrated through an app that gives the notification when the air quality drops down the bottom line.

It is a powerful unit designed under the supervision of engineers and has the ability to clean a car cabin in 15 minutes by purifying 8-liter air per second. Moreover, it is a lightweight and portable design that is easy to carry to office and office to home.


  • Easy to use
  • Air quality sensor
  • Power design with 3 fan speed
  • Lightweight


  • No LCD to monitor air

2. SilverOnyx Air Purifier for Home

SilverOnyx Air Purifier for Home

SilverOnyx Air Purifier for Home


  • Dimension: 10.5 x 10.5 x 16.5 inches
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Coverage area: 500 sq. ft.
  • Filters: mesh preliminary filter, true H-13 HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, negative ion generator, UV light
  • Fan speed: 3
  • Power source: AC

If you are looking for a compact air purifier with the potential to clean a large home, SilverOnyx would be the right choice for you. This powerful unit with 3 stage filtration can clean a house up to 500 square feet.

This desktop air purifier features a preliminary mesh filter and H-13 true HEPA filter to trap particles as small as 0.3 microns and activated carbon filters to get rid of the nasty smell in the room to maintain a healthy and pleasant environment.

With the combination ionizer and UV light, this tabletop air purifier ensures to blow clean air in the room with zero allergens. It is lightweight, compact as well aesthetic design to mix with all home décor. It is easy to clean as well as set up. Overall, it is an ideal unit for large rooms with high pollution levels.


  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 5 stage cleaning process


  • No display to monitor air quality

3. LEVOIT B07 Air Purifiers for Home

LEVOIT B07 Air Purifiers for Home

LEVOIT B07 Air Purifiers for Home


  • Dimension: 7.9 x 7.9 x 12.6 inches
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds
  • Coverage area: 129 sq. ft.
  • Filters: pre-filter, H-13 true HEPA filter, activated carbon filter
  • Fan speed: 3
  • Noise level: 25 dB
  • Energy consumption: 25W

LEVOIT is a well-known name in the world of air purifiers. Its ozone-free technology takes care of not only human health but also the environment. With a 3 stage filtration system, it raises the air quality level and produces air free from harmful pounds and contaminants like pollen and allergen. This air purifier for office desk is a highly recommended unit for asthma patients.

It has ultra-quiet technology, providing you rattling and loud humming noise-free environment for peaceful sleep. It is a small house unit or is eligible for a room of around 129 square feet.

Overall, it is the best tabletop air purifier that traps harmful gasses and provides fresh and safe air.


  • Ultra-quiet
  • Energy efficient
  • CARB certified
  • Ozone free filtration


  • Filter replacement is expensive

4. Coway airmega AP-1512HH

Coway airmega AP-1512HH

Coway airmega AP-1512HH


  • Dimension: 9.6 x 16.8 x 18.3 inches
  • Weight: 12.3 pounds
  • Coverage area: 361 feet
  • Filters: pre-filter, deodorization filter, true HEPA filter, ionizer
  • Fan speed: 3
  • Noise level: 24.4 – 53 dB
  • CADR rating: 246

Coway airmega AP-1512HH be an affordable air purifier for medium-sized rooms. It can provide fresh and clean air in an area of 361 square feet. This can be your cubicle air purifier.

This unit features 4-stage filtration, which effectively removes 99.97% of air pollutants and contaminants, making the air healthy to breathe. It includes pre-filters that trap large particles and increase the true HEPA filter’s life.

This is the best desktop air purifier with a built-in pollution sensor to monitor air constantly and automatically adjust the fan speed according to air pollution.

Moreover, its 3 level fan speed can be adjusted manually. This device is equipped with a timer that allows you to set a particular time you want it to run. Overall, it is an excellent device with indicators to stay updated about filter replacement.


  • Easy to use
  • Compact and sleek
  • Timer and indicator
  • Pollution sensor
  • Automatic mode


  • Not suitable for large places

5. Winix 5500-2 air purifier

Winix 5500-2 air purifier

Winix 5500-2 air purifier


  • Dimension: 15 x 8.2 x 23.6 inches
  • Weight: 15.4 pounds
  • Coverage area: 360 sq. ft.
  • Filters: True HEPA filters, pre-filter
  • Fan speed: 4
  • Noise level: 28.6 dB
  • Warranty: 2 years

WINIX 5500-2 is a relatively large-sized desktop air purifier. It features the true HEPA filter with the potential to trap 99.97% of pollutants from the air. It will keep your house clean from harmful gasses, mites, dust, allergens, etc.

This unit comprises built-in AOC carbon filters to help to get rid of cellar odor. Besides, the plasma wave technology works as permanent filters to help break down the chemical vapors, and odor-causing particles that produce ozone.

Moreover, this air purifier for office desk comes with smart sensors and auto-adjustment modes making the operation easy. It has an LED indicator to show the air quality and when the filters need service.


  • Strong airflow
  • Sleep mode allows quiet operation
  • Easy to operate with smart sensors and LED light


  • Not suitable for large areas.

6. Blueair blue pure 211

Blueair blue pure 211

Blueair blue pure 211


  • Dimension: 13 x 13 x 20.4 inches
  • Weight: 12 pounds
  • Coverage area: 540 sq. ft.
  • Filters: washable pre-filter, carbon filter
  • Sound level: 31 – 56 dB
  • Fan speed: 3
  • Power consumption: 31 – 61 watts

If you are looking for an affordable air purifier rich with advanced features, this Swedish design Blueair blue 211 would be suitable for you.

It features strong filters to provide clean air from pollens, pet dander, mold, bacteria, viruses, etc. Other than that, the activated carbon filters keep checking on the pleasantness of indoor air.

This small desk air purifier has a quiet operation system that is no louder than the whisper at the lowest speed. Moreover, it is energy efficient that saves you a lot from annual billing. Overall, this Swedish-designed air purifier is an ideal device for medium to large houses.


  • Attractive design
  • Ultra-quiet at lowest fan speed
  • Energy efficient


  • May cause a bit of noise at high fan speed

7. MEDIFY MA-14 air purifier

MEDIFY MA-14 air purifier

MEDIFY MA-14 air purifier


  • Dimension: 8.4 x 8.4 x 11.2 inches
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Coverage area: 330 sq. ft. in 30 minutes
  • Filters: pre-filters, H-13 HEPA filter, activated carbon filter
  • Fan speed: 3
  • CADR rating: 150

Medify MA-14 is a compact and sleek unit with medium coverage of 330 square feet. It is one recommended desktop air purifier that features dual intake technology with a quiet but powerful fan. It is efficient in cleaning air with strong fans.

This small desk air purifier unit features 3-stage filtration, which includes a pre-filter to trap large particles and an H13 HEPA filter with the potential to capture particles as small as 0.1 microns—Moreover, the addition of activated carbon filters keeps a check on irritating smells.

Further, this desk air purifier with 3 level fan speeds, it is one of the best additions to the house to keep the air clean and healthy.


  • Ultra-quiet
  • Dual intake technology
  • Compact and sleek design


  • Expensive filter replacement 

What makes the best air purifier?

There are no hardcore rules set for being the best air purifier for desk, work, and home use but the features they have must be top-notch in order to make the atmosphere fresh and germ-free. According to our research and criteria, the key factors that make a tabletop air purifier great includes

1.     Size

It really matters when you live in an area with a low air quality level. The smallest air purifier is capable of cleaning the 512 sq. ft area effectively. Other than that, it must be compact whether it is being used as a personal air purifier for desk or as an office desk air purifier.

2.     CARB

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is the certification of its legit use. This basically ensures that the purifier is not Ozone-emitting and if it does, it is under the safe amount. Another important factor is the begin certified.

3.     UV Purifications

Another thing is whether or not, a small desk air purifier should have UV purification. Well, this is an option between HEPA and UV. While HEPA filters purifiers the air from dust etc., the UV light kills the germs and bacteria from the air. This was an effective one during COVID-19.

Not only this, but it also kills the bacteria and harmful mold that are invisible to the naked eye. So, if you have a sensitive nature, then we recommend going for a desktop purifier with UV light feature.

4.     Noise Level

Many air purifiers offer this feature now as it is somehow related to the speed level that an air purifier has. This is because of the increased speed; the air purifier begins to make a buzzing noise due to its fan.

If you want to place your air purifying unit in your bedroom then make sure the unit has an auto mode. This makes the unit detects the air quality itself and changes the fan speed without making noise so that you can have a sound sleep.

5.     Settings

The air purifier allows manual and auto settings. Nowadays, the popular unit is the one that comes with the auto setting feature. The office desk air purifier must have an auto shut-off feature.

Summing it Up

If you are looking for a small yet personal air purifier for desk then you will have many options for these portable air purifiers they are not as great as the air purifier for large room but they are good at providing efficiency for a small area. In this article, we have reviewed the cubicle air purifier that will make it easy to get what unit will be suitable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are small air purifiers a waste of money?

A: The air purifier has become an essential part of past years. Still, it is often asked if a small and portable purifier was a waste of money? The straightforward answer to this question simply depends on factors like how long it is running and where it is placed?

If a portable air purifier is placed in a large room and expected to work efficiently and should cover the whole room, then this one is definitely a waste. It can only cover a small area. Make sure you have checked the coverage of a mini air purifier.

Q: Are mini air purifiers worth it?

A: The mini air purifiers are effective only for a small area and ideal for people whole are suffering from allergies. It efficiently cleans the atmosphere by removing smoke, dust, or other toxic content from the air. In a nutshell, they may not be as efficient as the larger unit but are ideal for the compact room.

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