How Long you should run Filtrete Air Purifiers

Filtrete air purifiers do not need any introduction as they are owned by 3M which is one of the leading brands in water and air purifiers. Its aim is to provide user-friendly devices especially when it comes to the air purifier. Although the main focus is to offer quality over quantity, a Filtrete air purifier is always updated with the latest features without complicating the functionalities. But, how long you should run filtrete air purifier? To get the answer, here is a guide for you. So, let’s get started.

Filtrete Air Purifiers

How Long you should run Filtrete Air Purifiers

How long you should run filtrete air purifier? Before we proceed, we must know what type of features they are offering which actually determine the working limit of the unit. Here, we have selected Filtrete FAP-T03 as our product.

Filtrete Air Purifier FAP-T03 Specification

For getting an insight into how long you should run filtrete air purifier, here is a product detail to understand how it works.

SpecificationsFiltrete Air Purifier FAP-T03
Dimensions29.3 x 11.8
FilterHEPA Filter
Room Coverage370 Square feet
Air cleaning time12 minutes
Weight14.4 lbs
CADR250/ 230 / 280
Power output55 W – 135 W
Sound32 dB – 58 dB
Timer2 – 4 – 8 hours
Warranty1 year

Filtrete Air Purifier FAP-T03, Product Review

1.   Size and Design

Filtrete FAP T02 is a durable device that is available in the tower shape, blending in easily with every interior. Speaking of the shape, it is the biggest air purifier ever produced by Filtrete as it has a height of 29.3 inches followed by its 11.8 inches width.

Due to this design, it flows the air everywhere in the room as it runs bottom to top airflow system. Such tower-shaped air purifiers are usually more efficient than cubic or cylindrical air purifiers everywhere in the room as it runs bottom to top airflow system. You can control your filtrate air purifier with a tap of a button lying on the top of the unit.

2.   Filtration System

As all of the top m manufacturers prefer HEPA purifiers the same is the case with Filtrete. It has a two-stage air cleaning system.

  • HEPA Filter: The first stage is the HEPA filter which eliminates 99.97% of the air particles as tiny as 0.3 microns such as pet dander, allergens, irritants, pollens, and bacteria.
  • Odor filter: The second stage of the filtration system is the carbon filter /odor filter. As you can get a hint by the name that it eliminates odors and smoke from the air.

3.   Room Coverage

Filtrete is giving tough competition when it comes to room coverage. It can cover an area of 370 square meters and will clean the air within 12 minutes. It is verified by the Association of Home Appliances Manufacturers (AHAM).

4.   CADR

The CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of Filtrete FAP T02 is 250 for dust, 240 for smoke and 280 for pollen (cfm). Which is very high in this price range so definitely it’s the best purifier to buy.

5.   Power Consumption

Air purifiers need to be run for a long time to have a productive result and power consumption is considered a major factor to review an air purifier. The Filtrete air purifier consumes 135 W to operate which means it needs 0.3 amperes of the current which is quite higher as compared to others. If you run your air purifier for 8 hours every day your annual cost will be around 50$.

6.   Noise level

Filtrete purifiers are best at keeping noise levels down. At the lowest speed, it has a noise level 32 dB which is equal to whispering while at the highest it has a noise level of 58 dB so we can say that it’s flawless in noise level.

What we liked about FAP T02, Pros

  • Filtrete air purifiers have a scheduled timer.
  • It has an indicator to remind you about filter change.
  • The noise level of this air purifier is low.

What we disliked about FAP T02, Cons

  • You need to change the filter every 3 months
  • It has a high power consumption
  • Every task must be done manually

How long should you run Filtrete Air Purifier?

How Long you should run Filtrete Air Purifiers

Working of a Filtrete air purifier totally relies on the model and the quality of air indoors however, the cleaning capacity of an air purifier can be determined by the CADR it offers. When it comes to how long should you run filtrete air purifier, the device has a quite decent capacity for running for a long time. Nonetheless, 12 hours are more than enough to run an air purifier however, this specifically can run 24 x 7.

Running an air purifier is not recommended as it will involve more power consumption and a filtration system. For a smaller room a few hours in a day would be enough as there will be very less air change ratio while in a large room it needs to run for a few more hours.

Ideally, a few hours are enough to clean the airof your room from every kind of allergen and bacteria.

Does Filtrete air purifier setting make a difference when running it?

How Long you should run Filtrete Air Purifiers

The Answer would be yes, as most purifiers of 3M company have several settings to change the flow of air in your room. While if you run the air purifier at the highest setting, it will clean air more efficiently but at the same, it will be noisier and will consume more power. We will not recommend to keep your air purifier running especially when you are away as it will be of no use.

Is it okay to run Filtrete purifiers all the time?

Filtrete purifiers are designed to be run all the time if you want to. You can put the purifier at the lowest setting to keep the area noise-free but make sure it will consume a bit more energy and you will have to change the air cleaning filter quite early as it will clean more of the air. Thankfully modern Filtrete air purifiers have filter change indicators to give you a reminder. Some of the air purifiers come with an option of auto action when indoor air is unhealthy.

Can I sleep with a Filtrete air purifier on?

Air purifiers are made to keep your breathing quality better at not so there is no harm to sleep while keeping your air purifier on. However, the noise level of the air purifier and the LED light may disturb your sleep and can make you a bit uncomfortable. Usually, Filtrete air purifiers are as loud as AC or heater in your room but it won’t make any difference.

How long should I run my Filtrete air purifier?

Well, it depends upon the size of your room and the model you are using. Filtrete has the ability to monitor and cleans your air 24/7. These easy-to-use devices automatically improve the air quality by eliminating particles and helping you to breathe clean air. With CADR of 700 above in total should run for at least 8 hours a day at the highest setting or maybe 12 hours on the lowest setting.

How long does it take for Filtrete air purifiers to clean a room?

The time for cleaning the air of the room for a filtrete air purifier is different for every model depending upon its power and CADR. The higher the CADR number the more effective the air purifying process will be. However, it usually takes 12 to 15 minutes to clean the air. But again, it depends upon the size of the room.

Can I set a timer for Filtrete air purifiers?

Yes, Filtrete air purifiers allow you to set a timer to turn on and off with the automatic feature. It has different settings like 2, 4, and 8 hours that can save your time and power.

Additional Tips for Filtrete Air Purifier

  • Close the windows and doors when using an air purifier for a quick clean but do not close them for long.
  • Just keep the windows open when you are smoking or cooking.
  • Clean the filter with a vacuum fortnightly.
  • Place the air purifiers away from any kind of obstacles.

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