Does Blueair use HEPA filters

Blueair Purifiers is one of the most affordable and reliable purifiers and a company famous for its versatile features in its air purifier product. Does Blueair use HEPA filters? In this article, we are reviewing and comparing the air purifying units.

Blueair Purifier; Do Blueair use HEPA Filters?

Does Blueair use HEPA filters

Blueair is available in 60 countries across the world. They are known for their easy use and proficiency in air purification. Do Blueair purifiers use HEPA filters is a real question however, remember that the Blueair purifiers provide a high volume of clean air as per the requirements of the room. When it comes to the filters, all of the Blueair purifiers have HEPA filters which means they can collect 99.97% of the dust particles in the air with the least energy consumption and with very less or no noise.

Blueair Filtration system

Speaking of the filtration system of Blueair, it consists of three Filtration systems i.e. antibacterial is the first stage, followed by HEPA filters and the activated carbon filter.

The first stage collects large particles such as dust, hair, strings, and other impurities. Once the air passes through the Antibacterial filter it goes to the HEPA filter. It cleans 99.97% of the particles. After clearing the process in the second stage, the air is pushed to the third filter; the activated carbon filter; the granular carbon for removing smell or gases.

The Blueair purifiers CADR (clean air delivery rate, measured in cubic feet per minute) of 130 CAFM. The higher the CADR the faster the purifier filter the air.

Blueair Purifiers Classifications

Blueair Purifiers Classifications

Blueair purifiers are available in different sizes suitable for small rooms and larger rooms likewise. There are some which are the best air purifier for allergens and irritants because of the HEPA filters mainly. The two core noticeable things during your purchase must include 


The total percentage of particles filtered by the filter and


How effectively the air purifying unit is covering the area and how much air is cleaned by the filtration system.

To understand it better, we are comparing two units that we have listed as the best Blueair purifiers.  Does blueair use HEPA filters? Let’s confirm it by Blueair Pro L and Blueair 7470i.

1.  Blue Pure Pro L

Does Blueair use HEPA filters

Overview; Size and Shape

Blueair keeps the same Swedish design with German touch and comes in an elegant shape and size of 31 inches in height and 20 inches in width followed by 10 inches in depth. This means this purifier occupies very less slim space. Its slimmer size has made it more classy and cool.

 This Blueair pro L purifier is the most advanced purifier in the Pro family. It is the real deal for the highest capacity air purification with the updated version of Pro M. This height size makes him more sizeable than other competitors in the market.

Blueair air purifier has a metal frame from the front which is covering the two fans, used to maximize the fan power. The intake and outlet grills allow the air to get into the unitfrom both sides and flow the air into the room. You will see two fan speeds with a simple button on the top.


Blueair Purifiers are quite famous for their weight but unlike others, Blueair Pro L is quite heavier compared to the rest of the models. It has a total weight of 46 lb which is quite heavier than its competitors.

I think you should not move this Blueair Pro L more often but at the same time, it is not that much bulkier.

Blueair Pro L Filtration

Filtration is the most essential part of an Air Purifier but does Blueair use HEPA Filter? Blueair Purifier Pro L add twice filter and double the fan power has the following filter:

  • Particle Stop Filter:  This filter purifies the air from the pollutants like bacteria, irritants, viruses, pet dander, dust, and pollens
  • Smoke Stop filter: This filter cleans the air from gaseous pollutants such as cigar smoke and other particles
  • Carbon + Filter: It is used to protect extra air from extra gaseous particles

Blueair devices use a very unique HEPA silent filter by combining both mechanical and electrostatic filtration. Unlike a True HEPA filter, a HEPA silent filter can eliminate particles up to 0.1 microns. All the Blueair filters are recyclable and are antibacterial.

The most important point here is that the replacement of Blueair filters is very cheap. It will cost up to $59 only. You need to replace the filter after every 6 months normally.

Energy Consumption

An air purifier needs to run for a minimum of 8 hours to be efficient. Power consumption is the most important factor when buying an air purifier. The lower setting for this air purifier is 22W while you can increase it up to 170 W. This means the Air Purifier will consume 0.02 units of electricity for running every hour and only 0.17 units of electricity for an hour with the highest capacity.

It is quite higher than the other models by being budget-friendly, if you run it for 8 hours daily your energy consumption will be up to 10$ per year.


The higher the CADR the faster the purifier filters the air. The Blueair purifiers CADR(clean air delivery rate) of  600 CFM for dust in a minute. The CADR is measured in cubic feet per minute. While its CADR for smoke is 540 CFM.

Blueair Pro L Room coverage

Usually, such huge purifiers can barely have a silent fan in order to cover an area of 780 square feet, a fan must draw a lot of noise and disturbance. However, due to its HEPA silent feature, its noise level is at its minimum because Blueair Pro L has only a noise level from 32 decibels to 55 decibels which are below the library noise level.

As Blueair has doubled the fan power. This model can remove the particles from an area of 780 square feet. Its CADR rating and wide range surpass other competitors as the Blueair Pro L will clean your room every 12 minutes. It can cover your halls, Tv lounge, meeting rooms, and many larger rooms with ease with its unique design and air throw.

Blueair Pro L Noise Level

Blueair Pro L Customer services

Blueair has always focused on customer service. With a variety of local stores and a dedicated support team, you can reach them promptly.  Initially, the Blueair Pro L provides 1 year warranty but it can be increased up to 5 years. You need to fill up a PRF (The product Registration form) within 60 days of purchase through Blueair mobile app to attain a 5-year warranty.

Pros of Blueair Pro L

  • Blueair Pro L has an LED indicator for filter replacement. A function that will remind you when you need to change the filter.
  • An optional Air Quality filter that detects the air quality automatically and changes the fan speed accordingly.

Cons of Blueair Pro L

  • It doesn’t have wifi which means it cannot be operated on wifi.
  • It lacks On/Off timer. You have to turn it off or on manually.

Blueair 7470i

Blueair 7470i


The Blueair Health Protect 7470 is perfect for home space. You won’t even realize that it’s working in the background. It will work tirelessly to keep your air clean and will make sure you breathe healthily. You will be noticing changes within a week of its installation and tackle a number of pollutants around you.

Size and Shape

When it comes to size and shape, Blueair 7470i is way classier than Blueair Pro L. We have to rank Blueair 7470i’s design as one of our favorites with its sleek black and white look. It has a total height of 27 inches followed by a width of 11 inches and a total foot space of 11 inches which means it is smarter and sleek than Blueair Pro L.

Blueair 7470i has Spiral Air outlets which will help to push the air to every corner of the room no matter where you place it. Near the base, there are two filters that pop out to catch dust particles.

The coolest thing is that on the top of this air purifier unlike Blueair Pro L has an LCD that shows the air quality, fan speed, running time, and much more.

You can adjust the fan speed from there.

Blueair 7470i Filtration

The Blueair air purifier 7470i is certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM).

Does Blueair use HEPA filters? Yes, the HEPA ultra-silent technology is the best air conditioner system without any doubt.

Just like Blueair Pro L Particle filter, it has a pre-filter that traps larger objects like dust particles, pet dander, and fibers.

The second filter is quite more efficient than Blueair Pro L’s smoke filter. It has a Smart Filter.

It is the most advanced filter technology of Blueair. It can remove airborne pollutants, smoke odors, cooking odors, viruses, and bacteria.

Once it traps particles, it can kill viruses and bacteria such technology is known as GermShield and it’s available even on standby. It can remove 99.98% of the particles as tiny as 0.1 microns.

Its filter life is 6 months more than if Blueair Pro L.

Energy Consumption

Blueair 7470i consumes very less energy than Blueair Pro L. The lower setting for this air purifier is 8 W while you can increase it up to 48 W. At its lowest, it will consume very less power than a bulb because of being energy efficient on 8W it will consume 0.008 units of electricity.

This means if you use it regularly for 8 hours your annual cost will be up to $3 to $5. No Air Purifier with these qualities can be this budget-friendly.


Blueair Pro L has a much high CADR than Blueair 7470i. It can only clean 270 cubic feet of the area per minute for both dust and smoke.


 Blueair 4740i is a lightweight air purifier as compared to Blue air pro L. The total weight is 27lbs. which means it can be moved freely and easily with the casters it has.

Room Coverage

Its room coverage is very much lower than the Blueair Pro L due to its low fan power. It can only cover up to 418 square feet of the area which means it is best for bedrooms, kitchen, and Tv lounges.

Sound and Noise Level

Blueair 7470i is quieter than Blueair Pro L. A less dense filter makes it almost sound less as its fans can run at low speed. Blueair 7470i, as we said is the quietest air purifier of this company because, at a lower speed, it has a sound of 25 decibels and 53 decibels at the full speed. You will hear sound but it will be as noisy as any fan in the room. Also, the smart sensor will adjust the fan speed automatically.

Customer support services

Likewise, Blueair Pro L this model also provides Initially 1-year warranty but it can be increased up to 5 years. You need to fill up a PRF (The product Registration form) within 60 days of purchase through Blueair mobile app to attain a 5-year warranty.

Other features

  • It has wheels which means you can move it to anywhere without any hustle
  • This air purifier has wifi connectivity you can control it from your smart devices
  • It can be operated by Blueair mobile application. You can control its speed and timing from that application
  • Blueair 7470i has an auto and night fan speed too

Pros of Blueair 7470i

  • This air purifier is quiet as compared to the other units by Blueair
  • Has a tower design, ideal for tight space
  • It comes with patented GermSheild TM technology
  • This air purifier is durable, the lightweight and hidden wheels make it manurable
  • Has large H13 HEPA Filter
  • AHAM and Energy star certified
  • It comes with sensors and auto run feature

Cons of Blueair 7470i

  • In order to get access to the filter life and other features, you have to connect to the app
  • The light is always on.
  • It is relatively costly

In a hurry, give it a quick look to the core specifications of Blueair Air Purifiers

SpecificationBlueair Pro LBlueair 7470i
Recommended Room sizeUp to 780 ftUp to 418ft²
Dimensions31× 20 × 1027.2 × 11.8 × 11.8
HEPA FilterHEPA Silent FilterHEPA Silent Ultra filter
Energy consumption22 – 70 W8 – 48 W
CADR Rate Dust600 cfm270 cfm
CADR Rate smoke540 cfm270 cfm
Air changes per hour4.84.8
Sound level32 – 55 dB(A)22 – 45 dB(A)
Air Quality sensorOptionalYes
Filter replacement indicatorYesYes
On/Off timerNoYes via Blueair App
Speed control1 – 2 – 31 – 2 – 3 – auto – night
Weight46 lbs26.7 lbs
Warranty1 yearLocal warranty conditions
  • ●        The HEPA filters used in Blueair Purifier work upon the principle of HEPA silent technology, the combination of mechanical and ultra static filtration to capture dangerous particles from the air. This is designed specifically to filter air at a very low current.

Quick FAQs for Blueair Air Purifier

Do Blueair use HEPA filters?

Yes, almost all the air purifiers by Blueair are equipped with different HEPA smart filters.

Does Blueair provide after-sale services?

Yes, Blueair provides a 1-year warranty which can be increased up to 5 years.

Do both have Air Quality sensors?

Blueair 7470i has an Air Quality sensor while it is optional in Blueair Pro L

Is Blueair Safe for newborns?

Yes, it is safe for newborns and also safe for pets

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