How do I clean My Bissell Air Purifier Filter?

An air purifier makes the air around you cleaner and healthier by eliminating dust particles however, they themselves to be maintained by cleaning regularly to enhance their durability and efficiency. There are some units that allow to wash their filters however, some of them do not. Here, in this article, we are elaborating on How do I clean My Bissell Air Purifier Filter? So, let’s begin.

To get a better insight into the Bissell air purifier, we are reviewing Bissell Air 400.

Bissell Air 400 | How do I clean my Bissell air purifier filter?

In order to understand how to clean the air purifier, you must know what are the basic features and the filter type your air purifier is offering. So, let’s get started with our product review.

Bissell air 400 Specifications | BUY ON AMAZON

Bissell air 400 Specifications
SpecificationsBissell Air 400
Dimensions16.1 × 9.75 × 24 inches
Filtration3-stage filtration system
Room Coverage430 square feet
CADR307 + 279 + 206 cfm
Noise level30 dB – 65 dB
Weight22.82 lbs
Power Consumption108 W
Warranty2 years

What we liked about Bissell Air 400, Pros

  • It has modern design.
  • This air purifier comes with five different fan power options.
  • Air Quality indicator.
  • Excellent room coverage and CADR

What we disliked about Bissell Air 400, Cons

  • Quite heavy. This makes it difficult to move
  • This air purifier has a high-power consumption requirement

Bissell Air 400 Product Review

1.   Dimensions, Body, and Design

Bissell air 400 is unique in its own way with an elegant style. It is built in a rectangular shape with the dimensions of 16.13 inches in length, 13 inches in width, and 24 inches in height. This rectangular body allows a top to bottom airflow system.

2.   Weight

Bissell air 400 is a little heavy as it weighs 22.82 lbs. It can be hard to move from one place to another often. However, it has handles on the side which can help you to lift it. It is recommended to fix its place as it is not easy to move it every day.

3.   Sensors

Apart from the alluring feature, the most fascinating part is that it has an air quality sensor that will notify you of the air quality index. The Bissell air 400 has its control panel on the top, similar to the other air purifiers by the company.

4.   Filtration System

Bissell air purifiers are certified by California Air Resources Board (CARB) because of their functioning. Speaking of the filtration system, it consists of 3-stage filtration with the following filters.

  1. Pre-Filter: A pre-filter in Bissell air purifier captures large dust particles such as pet hairs, fibers and fur.
  2. HEPA Filter: HEPA filter eliminates 99.97% of the dust particles as small as 0.3 microns. It will eliminate Pet dander, VOCs, bacteria, and allergens.
  3. Activated Carbon filter: In the last stage of filtration air passes through the active carbon filter which is also known as the odor filter. It removes the unwanted odor and smoke from the air.

4.   Area Coverage

The Bissell air 400 is best for medium and large rooms. Due to its large fans, it can cover an area impressively having dimensions up to 430 square feet that can be cleaned in every 20 minutes.

5.   CADR

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is a metric that indicates the effectiveness of an air purifier. The  

Bissell air 400 has an impressive rating of 307 for dust, 279 for smoke, and 206 for pollen (cfm).

6.   Noise Level

Bissell air purifier has a night mode to keep your nights less irritating and peaceful. Its lowest noise level is 30 dB at the lowest speed which is equal to a whisper while if you are running it on the highest option it can reach up to 65 dB which can be a little noisy.

7.   Power Consumption

Power consumption is one of the important factors when you are buying an air purifier. Unfortunately, the Bissell air 400 has a high power consumption as it has a DC motor that consumes 108 watts which is high compared to others of this price. However, if you use Bissell air 400 for 8 hours daily your annual energy Consumption will be around $40.

This showed that this air purifier has three-stage filtration system but it will put you in a dilemma when it comes to cleaning. So, here is the guide.

How do I clean my Bissell Air purifier filter?

Cleaning an air purifier filter is important as accumulation of dirt or unclean filters can decrease the performance of your unit.

However, the Bissell provides an indicator to inform you when it is the time for changing its filters. Speaking of it, we recommend changing the filter every 3 to 6 months but it depends upon the air quality too. Let’s dig in deep to understand better how you can run the filter for more time.

How can I clean Bissell’s Pre-filter?

Bissell air purifiers use foam pre-filters which means you can easily wash them. This can be done with a small tub or sink with lukewarm water. Or, you can also use a damp cloth.

Steps to Clean Bissell Pre-filter

Here are some steps to follow while cleaning a pre-filter.

  • Before you open the Bissell air purifier, turn off the devices and unplug the switch.
  • The filter is inside the bottom of your air purifier. There will be a handle cover, twist it clockwise and remove the bottom cover.
  • Remove the pre-filter and examine the filter.
  • If you find it dirty, wash it in lukewarm soapy water with your hands gently.
  • Dry it with a dryer or towel.
  • Fit it back to the unit.

You need to replace the pre-filter after every 3 months to enhance the efficiency.

How can I clean the HEPA Filter?

HEPA filters can capture 99.97% of the dust particles as tiny as 0.3 microns. It resists VOCs, allergens, irritants, and bacteria.

Basically, HEPA filters consist of polyester and cellulose bends that are tightly weaved with small holes that capture VOCs and other dust particles.

It is a bit hard to clean a HEPA filter as its pores can be wide open due to the pressure of water or dryer.

Steps to Clean HEPA Filters

Here are the easiest tips for how to clean your Bissel air purifier filter:

  • Turn off and unplug the air purifier.
  • The filter is inside the bottom of your air purifier. There will be a handle cover, twist it clockwise and remove the bottom cover.
  • Remove the HEPA filter.
  • Don’t wash it. Use vacuum air pressure to clean the HEPA filter. Move the air to one side and then clean the other side.
  • Closely examine the filter. Its color can disappear.
  • Put it back in the unit.

It is always recommended to change the HEPA filter every 3 months. The self-cleaned filter’s efficiency may decrease. The new HEPA filter costs you just $25.It is not expensive at all.

How can I clean the Carbon Filter?

A carbon Filter or Odor filter basically consists of Charcoal paper which removes odor from the air.

It’s better to change the carbon filter time by time as there are high chances that it can get damaged due to vacuum pressure.

How to clean a Bissel air purifier?

You can simply clean the outside of the Bissell air purifier with a dry or semi-wet cloth.

Clean the inner side of the Bissel air purifier with the help of a vacuum or dry microfiber cloth.

Washing your Bissel air purifier is never recommended by the company. It’s better to replace the filter whenever you notice changes in performance.

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