7 Reasons Does Hathaspace Air Purifier Emit ozone

Hathaspace is a company that has recently joined the race of air purifiers and in no time, they have proved themselves as not any less to be in the list of best air purifiers. Many air purifiers that are available on the market are more likely to emit ozone even though it is under the acceptable range. But, does hathaspace air purifier emit ozone? This article is a guide to dig in deep into one of their best-selling air purifiers in order to know whether it does or does not emit ozone. So, let’s get started.

Which Hathaspace air purifier emit ozone?

This is something that cannot be said about any product without knowing about it or what is its user’s experience. So, it would be too soon to judge a product that is why here is a detailed product review of the Hathaspace HSP001 air purifier.

Hathaspace HSP001 Air Purifier; An Overview

Hathaspace HSP001 Air Purifier has been they’re only a single product for a long time subsequently, we can assume that it probably has a good rating. It works on the principle of a 5-stage filtration system utilizing the combination with an ionizer. What other features does it have, let’s find out?

Hathaspace HSP001 Air Purifier Product Specifications

SpecificationHathaspace HSP001 Air Purifier
Dimensions13 x 7 x 20 inches
Weight12 lbs.
FiltersCold Catalyst, Activated Carbon, Antibacterial, True HEPA
Filter Life3 to 6 months
Coverage700 square feet
Power Consumption45W
CADR94 CFM (160 m3/h)
Fan Speed3; Low, Medium, High
Ozone EmissionYes
Advanced Features            Speed control, Sleep, Light, & Auto Mode

What we liked about Hathaspace HSP001; Pros

  • Impressive features at such a price
  • This air purifier comes with a 5-stage filtration
  • Uses True HEPA H11; the commercial-grade
  • The working of this air purifier is quiet

What we disliked about Hathaspace HSp001; Cons

  • The CADR rating is very low
  • It lacks solid build and filter reset indicator

Hathaspace HSP001 Air Purifier Product Review

Let’s begin with the product review starting with the basic,

1.    What you will get in the package?

When you get your HSP001, you will get the air purifying unit, a filter set, a warranty card, a remote controller, and a user manual.

2.    Design and Size

This product seems to be tall in the pictures but in reality, it is not, made with a modern and easy-to-read design of a white body with a black stripe in the middle on which you will find the details. On the front side, you will find the control panel.

It comes with the dimensions of 13.5 x 7 x 20 inches, weighing around 12 lbs. which makes it quite heavy compared to the competitors.

The plastic quality could have been better to give it a premium look. The good thing about the design that we have found is the transfer handle that makes it easy to move it from one space to another.

However, this air purifier could have been designed even better.

3.    Display and Control Panel

It has a display that is placed on the front of the air purifier on the black stripe in the center of the unit which is quite clear and vividly readable. You will find the features that it offers on it such as fan speed, timer, auto-sleep, air quality indicator, etc.

The indicators begin to light up when that notifies about the activated modes. Below the display, there are two rows with different options; the control panel. These buttons are quite intuitive and respond well with a light touch.

With a beep and a touch, you can activate your desired mode. You will find power, fan speed, timer, sleep, anion, and the light button.

4.    Filtration system

This air purifier comes with a 5-in-1 filtration system, having a combination with an ionizer. You will find the filters right after the covering of the unit. One thing that you should be clear about it is this air purifier does not offer washable filters. However, they can be cleaned through other means.

Usually, the Hathaspace air purifier comes with 2 separate filters; a combination of cold catalysts and an activated carbon filter. Whereas, the other is the combo of HEPA and antibacterial filters.

Cold Catalyst Filters are the stage one filter that works to capture large particles such as dust mites, skin cells, other chemicals, and VOCs.

Activated carbon filters remove the smoke and odors by sucking them with the help of 300g of high-grade activated carbon that it has.

The antibacterial filter is the third stage of filter placement that captures the nano-materials such as getting bacteria and germs. You can also consider it as a pre-filter of HEPA.

The HEPA filter is the essential one to remove all the particles from the air without which the air purifier is incomplete. The final filter is the ionizer or anion mode whatever you would like to say.

Speaking of anion mode, you have to activate it manually instead. This one is tested and certified by CARB (California air cleaner regulation) makes it a trusted and safe device.

5.    Airflow and Fan Speed

We did not find any intriguing specifications in the airflow of this air purifier as it offers a similar feature for this compared to its competitor. It allows three fan speeds; low, medium, and high.

To provide optimal performance, it works by drawing the air from the front and sides. In this way, it filters the air through the ionizer (when it is turned on).

Tip: In order to get the most out of your air purifier, place the unit a minimum of 8 inches away from any object in a dry and stable place.

6.    Room Coverage and CADR

The coverage of this air purifier is quite impressive. It cleans the air in an area of 700 sq. ft twice an hour. That means it works every half an hour which is low as you can find devices that can purifier four times an hour.

This is not it, the CADR rating of this air purifier is below average which can be a downside for this device. However, still, the company claims that it is capable of cleaning the room up to 350 sq. ft.

7.    Other Modes

The Hathaspace does add features that you can find in every good air purifier. It comes with the features such as sleep mood, and a light sensor that dims the light automatically during the night.

Other than that, you will find a timer, remote control operations, and auto-fan speed that changes the speed of working by detecting the air quality.

So, what is the possible answer to does Hathaspace air purifiers emit ozone.

Does Hathaspace Air purifier Emit Ozone?

The answer is, yes, it does. You may find three air purifiers by Hathaspace out of which only Hathaspace HSP001, their oldest unit emits Ozone which is in a small amount. However, this unit is certified by CADB which makes it a safe and legal air purifier.

This may help you

Hathaspace ModelOzone EmissionOzone SwitchMaximum Coverage
HSP001YesIt allows to turn it off175 sq. ft
HSP002No350 sq. ft
HSP003No600 sq. ft

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