What is the Most Expensive Air Purifier? Best Choices for 2022-2023

Air purifiers are available in different price ranges varying in their design. However, when it comes to what is the most expensive air purifier, there is no precise answer as it is determined by a variety of factors such as specification and the brands.  

1000+ people are in the dilemma of whether or not should they spend on an expensive air purifier or not nonetheless, it is indeed a decision based on personal preference. 

If you are a patient with allergy-sensitive, you need to have a more reliable air purifier unit to prevent them from triggering. Let me help you with that.





1. Kenmore Elite 81714 Pet Friendly

Has a solid and robust motorized pet hair tool
Designed with wheels
Power cord is 26-foot long and retractable

2 . Vacmaster VK809PWR 020 

The tank size is quite impressive
Long cord of 30 foot 
125 CFM powerful suction  

3 .

Bosch 9 Gallon Dust 

Wheels make movability easy
The debris tank 
It comes with self-cleaning filtration system 

4 Makita XCV 11z 18v

It has an impressive suction power 
The accessories are handy 
Noise level is 76 dB

5 Oreck BB1200DB Vacuum Cleaner 

It is portable due to its light eight
Possess blower functionality 
It comes with a blower functionality 

6 .Miele Complete C3 Marin 

Has powerful motor of 1200 W
Easily movable 
Separate motorized brushes for carpet cleaning

Are more expensive air purifiers better?

Air purifier technology is improving day by day and so is its price. It relies on the filters mainly, costlier the air purifier, will be more effective only if you are a large family with pets or have asthma/ breathing, or allergy issues. Otherwise, for the single person, you can also consider a personal/desktop air purifier.

Here, I am listing some of worthy best air purifiers.

What is the most expensive air purifier? 7 Best Options 

With so many options available, some top-rated air purifiers are

  1. Bissell Air 180 Home air purifier
Bissell Air 180 Home air purifier



  • Dimension: 24 x 13.2 x 12.7 inches
  • Weight: 13.85 lbs. 
  • Coverage: 457 sq. ft. 3x an hour
  • Filters: HEPA 
  • Control Method: Touch
  • Noise level: 27 dB

This air purifier is designed to provide coverage from medium to large-sized rooms. Speaking of its design, it is one of the heaviest air purifiers with a tower-shaped style yet possesses a majority of smart features such as an easy-to-use touch control system and dimmable display.

Being verified by the Association of home appliances Manufacturers; AHAM and Energy star, this device is capable to capture, VOC; volatile organic compounds, smoke, odor, dust, pollens, pet dander, and allergens–ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms too.

When it comes to its coverage, it can change the air quality with different cycles, varying upon the distance; 457 sq. ft. 3x an hour, 686 sq. ft 2x an hour, and 1372 sq. ft. 1x an hour. For filters, this is a three-stage air purifier, followed by a pre-filter, HEPA (Medical grade), and activated carbon filter (honeycomb structure) to provide optimal level air quality. 

Since it is a multi-layered air purifier, it cleans the tiniest to large pollutants from the air with ease. Overall, it is easy to maintain an air purifier, you will be notified with the filter change indicator when it’s time to clean it. 

Other than that, it is among quiet air purifiers with a 27dB noise, and with the light sensor, it offers calm sleep by turning the light dim.


  • Energy star and AHAM verified
  • It is an easy-maintaining air purifier 
  • Three-stage filtration system for ultimate breathable air
  • Easy to install


  • Lacks auto mode
  • Air quality is not displayed 
  • Louder at high fan speed
  1. Nuwave Air purifier OxyPure



  • Dimension: 14 x 14 x 26 inches
  • Weight: 26.8 lbs.
  • Coverage: 2671 sq. ft 
  • Filters: Pre-filter
  • Control Method: App controlled

The next air purifier is NuWave OxyPure air purifier which features a five-filtration system with a combination of HEPA and activated carbon to provide clean and healthy air. It removes viruses and bacteria.

OxyPure air purifier, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, eliminates pathogens and other pollutants to clean the air from 2671 sq. ft. per hour to trap 100% of pollens, 99% of bacteria, and 99.96% of viruses. Along with that, it removes the ozone gas from the air, smoke, and other toxic gases. 

It offers protection which is 5-layered followed by stainless-steel, pre-filters, Ozone emission removal, and HEPA/ Carbon filters to remove the pollutants from the air. The most important part is it minimizes the hassle of filter replacement as it has filters that are washable and reusable.  

The night-time mode turns off the lights with a quiet mode to offer a sound sleep with a 31.4 dB only. 

Further, it meets all the stringent rules of California to prevent Ozone from being indoors. With easy operation, it is operated with an app and WIFI which is compatible with Android and iPhone devices. 


  • It is a smart air purifier, that works by operating through an app
  • 5-filter filtration system 
  • Kills bacteria and viruses
  • Auto-mode with six-fan speed
  • Display indicator with odor detector and air quality


  • Fan is noisy at high speed
  • Filters are not durable within this price 
  1. Medify MA-50 Air Purifier 
Medify MA-50 Air Purifier 



  • Dimension: 23.94 x 11.89 x 11.02 inches
  • Weight: 12.42 lbs.
  • Coverage: 1100 sq. ft.
  • Filters: True HEPA 
  • Control Method: Touch
  • CADR: 500 m3 /h; 294 CFM

Speaking of a mid-ranged air purifier then you must count Medify 50 in it with its impressive CADR rating, a four-sided HEPA filter (for more airflow), and area coverage. The working of this air purifier is efficient as it filters the microorganisms but you will not be updated with the air quality. 

It can be placed anywhere due to its sleek and simple design, it can blend in with the environment easily but as it has 4-sided filtration, make sure the airflow is not blocked by anything. However, this design ensures a uniform airflow all around. 

This air purifier allows you to adjust the fan speed manually and also you can change the modes. You will also be notified when it is time to change the filters with the help of a filter indication.

As we mentioned that it is a 4-sided filtered air purifier, the company has placed four HEPA filters in a single unit that captures the pollutants and releases the air from the top of the device. With that, it covers an area of around 1100 sq. ft. in 30 minutes; 550 sq. ft in 15 minutes.

The downside that we have found is that it lacks smart features like air quality detection, app controls, auto-modes, etc.


  • Great HEPA filters 
  • Offers a lifetime warranty
  • Has an impressive energy star rating
  • Impressive CADR rating


  • It lacks some smart features with sensors 
  • The cost is high for maintenance per annum 
  1. Alen BreatheSmart Classic Large room air purifier
Alen BreatheSmart Classic Large room air purifier



  • Dimension: 17.75 x 10 x 13.2 inches
  • Weight: 21 lbs. 
  • Coverage: 700 sq. ft. 
  • Filters: True HEPA
  • Control Method: Touch 
  • Noise Level: 56 dB

In the list of the best air purifier for a large room, no wonder you will find the name of this air purifying device due to its versatile design and features. It can cover an area of 1100 sq. ft effectively by working with a combo of True HEPA filter and activated carbon

With the smart feature of auto-detect, it senses the quality of air and adjusts itself accordingly, at the highest CFM 300, however, it cannot serve as a Medify MA-50 with the 360 degrees air distribution. Yet, it will not compromise the airflow or the quality due to its design but you have to be sure, it is placed right.

It is energy efficient as well with 36 watts only, the filter life is around 9 to 12 months but with the high efficiency, this can be placed anywhere in the house, living room, bedroom, classroom, office, etc. 

Overall, it is a less noisy device with 56 dB only.


  • Ideal for a large room with a coverage of 1100 sq. ft. 
  • Auto-mode for fan speed adjustment
  • Noise level is relatively low


  • Filter replacement is costly
  1. Fellowes AeraMax 300 
Fellowes AeraMax 300 



  • Dimension: 8.13 x 16 x 25.13 inches
  • Weight: 12.5 lbs.
  • Coverage: 300- 600 sq. ft.
  • Filters: True HEPA filter
  • Control Method: Touch
  • Noise Level: 4 dB 

This air purifier could be another option for large rooms as it works on the principle of 4-stage filtration. It is portable, yet a quiet air purifier with a 4 dB noise level only. Speaking of its design, it is a bit heavy but has a strong style game.

It comes with 4 different fan speeds (adjusts automatically) and a filter indicator to let the user know that it is time to replace them. Being suitable for asthma patients, the reason is its 4-stage filtration system that provides great air quality. 

The filters include; True HEPA and ion filters to deal with a pungent smell, smoke, and other pollutants in a decent coverage area with 300 ft. and 600 ft. efficient and effective. However, there will be chances that it might not work properly in a room bigger than these dimensions. 

Many customers have positive views of this product. 


  • Has a 4-stage filtration system
  • It is suitable for large rooms
  • Touch system for control panel
  • Uses ion and HEPA filters


  • Costlier 
  1. Honeywell HPA300



  • Dimension: 20 x 10.8 x 22.3 inches
  • Weight: 17 lbs. 
  • Coverage: 465 sq. ft, almost 4 to 5 times an hour.
  • Filters: HEPA
  • Control Method: Touch 
  • Noise level: 60 dB
  • CADR rating: 300

This is one of the portable air purifiers manufactured by Honeywell that comes with updated features like filter replacement indicators to the previous models by the company. Being verified by AHAM, it also made its way to the best air purifier list. 

It provides an impressive coverage of 465 sq. ft in a room of 21 x 22. If you are concerned about the device, you can check the Energy star rating on the top, proving its reliability. This helps to reduce the particles floating in the air.

Honeywell 300 has 4 air cleaning speed levels including Turbo to capture as many particles as possible with the help of HEPA filters. It is indeed a trustworthy product with Energy Star ratings. 


  • AHAM verified
  • Impressive CADR; 300 
  • Worth for money within this price range
  • Copes with airborne and other pollutants effectively with HEPA filters
  • Pre-filter accompanied by True HEPA for ultimate healthy air


  • It is itself a big device but is not suitable for the whole house but for rooms
  1. Shark HP102 Air Purifier 
Shark HP102 Air Purifier 



  • Dimension: 8.66 x 8.66 x 14.56 inches
  • Weight: 5.58 lbs.
  • Coverage: 1000 sq. ft.
  • Filters: Three-Stage air purifier
  • Control Method:
  • CADR: 67 CFM

This air purifier is compact yet powerful with its three-stage filtration system and a microforce powerful air purifier that delivers clean filtered air. It is suitable for a large room with 1000 sq. ft coverage with 1 air change cycle

It can be placed anywhere with low-quality air areas or in large rooms, with the clean sense IQ, it easily detects problematic pollutant areas—maintains the air quality with the auto-adjust power with easy-to-use functions.

The microban minimizes the growth of bacteria with HEPA filters for ultimate air quality. Further, along with being easy to use, it is easy to maintain too. When it comes to filter replacement and device maintenance, you need to change them 6 months to 12 months or more depending on the usage. 


  • It is a remote-controlled air purifier
  • Comes with 4 fan speed setting
  • True HEPA filters for 99.97% of air 


  • Over-priced with CADR rating is low 

What is the most expensive air purifier | FAQs

Why air purifiers are so expensive?

The price of an air purifier is determined by the technology used in the unit manufacturing. The smart features and the latest component make them sturdier and long-lasting. However, the HEPA, activated carbon filters, UV, and ion filters and their replacement may increase the price.

Do air purifier increase or decrease the oxygen in the room?

The purpose of an air purifier is to clean the air of the pollutant to prevent allergies however, it has nothing to do with the oxygen level. It only recirculates the existing air in the room from its filters to remove pollutants with a consistent airflow. 

It does not add or remove oxygen to the environment.

Conclusion | Best Air Purifier for Money

It is common that air purifier is costly but what is the most expensive air purifier that can cover a large area? This article is a compiled review of the best expensive air purifiers. However, if you want to go extravagant with the worth of money, I personally recommend Bissell Air 180 Home air purifier as the best option compared to the other products listed in the topic.

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