Air Purifier Necklace is it effective? Complete information

Since we all badly suffered from COVID-19 and still are so, instead of getting a step back, it is better to take precautionary measures ourselves to avoid contagious diseases. To fight the germs and contaminated pollutants, now you can find necklace air purifiers that you can wear casually. Here, the concern is such devices have large filters to deal with the pollutants but air purifier necklace is it effective? Let’s dig in deep to get the answer.

What purification technology does necklace Air Purifier uses?

Similar to any other air purifier, these wearable necklace air purifiers have almost the same options as you can have options of HEPA, Ionizer, etc. to keep the air clean. However, HEPA could be a costly one as it needs a filter replacement frequently.

Air purifier necklace is it effective?

Air Purifier Necklace is it effective?

This debate has not to be concluded with authentic results that whether or not these wearable air purifiers are effective or not. Although the online market is going wild about having air purifier necklaces protecting COVID-19 yet, there are no findings about it. 

Wearing an air purifier necklace is quite practical as it may not provide you protection against diseases such as COVID-19 but it can fight against flu and cough.

However, when the wearable necklace air purifier was tested in a study conducted in California and China, placing the necklace in a 0.46 cm cube (16.24 ft cube). It was observed and measured the effectiveness of these personal air purifiers resulted in three out of four ionizers working below 10%. 

However, these mini air purifiers release ions in the air that get attached to the particles to filter the air from the surroundings through a static charge. 

Nonetheless, saying that it can be 100% effective would not be appropriate so, it is better to take extra precautions and wear the mask too.

Usually, these wearable air purifiers are ionizers that emit a large number of negative ions in the surrounding and gets attached to the pollutant particles. This way they become heavier than air and do not affect that bad.

How to find the best personal air purifier?

Air Purifier Necklace is it effective?

To get the best personal air purifier here are the basic criteria, the ideal and suggested personal air purifier that has a minimum of 2.5 million ions per cm3. This neutralizes almost all types of airborne pollutants including pollens, mold, smoke, etc. 

Our Recommendation for the Best Air Purifier Necklace

As we are speaking of the best wearable air purifier, here is our recommendation.

Greentech Environmental PureAir Wearable Air Filter | Best Necklace Air Purifier


  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Control Method: Touch system
  • Floor Area: Three feet

This necklace air purifier is of sleek design and is a great option as a personal cleaner. Within a radius of three feet, it filters the air removing the effects of perfumes, pet dander, dust, etc.

It possesses a powerful purification system; ion-based active air technology, yet we recommend wearing a face mask as well for ultimate protection and efficient working. 

You can easily use it all day long without worrying because it is a rechargeable battery-powered air purifier necklace that runs 24 hours straight with a single charge (charges with a USB cable, included).

This is easy to use, you just need to wear it around like a regular necklace and there you go, ready at the moment whether you are in the car, running an errand, office, or even in social gatherings.

Further, you will get a 30-day money-back policy if the product is not satisfactory.

How to make a necklace air purifier durable?

To make your product long-lasting, here are the few steps that you need to follow are

  • Take off your necklace air purifier and turn it off.
  • Use isopropyl or rubbing alcohol and spray a little amount on the grille and the output nozzle.
  • Let it soak for not more than 30 seconds. 
  • Dislodge the unit by a blow or canned air that will help the ionizer electrode.
  • Vacuum the output unit and fanned air intake

Can a necklace air purifier harm my skin?

Although the studies have proved that wearable air purifiers are not good for filtering air, it is more likely to harm your body as well. It adds

  1. By creating Ozone

Wearable air purifiers create ozone because it works by using the ionizer system. Ozone is harmful to the lungs and can damage them. Although the devices are marketed after getting certified some of them are likely to produce a harmful level.

  1. Can react with the personal care products

The ozone produced by the necklace air purifier can react with the personal care product including lotions, makeup, perfumes, etc. This reaction leads to the formation of hazardous VOCs like formaldehyde, PM2.5 matter, etc. 

  1. It can make the harmful particles stick around

Calling it a drawback would not be wrong as the pollutant particles will stick around when reacting with the negative ions. They are more likely to sit on your body, face, clothes, etc. resulting in itchy skin and dirty clothes and making you breathe all the pollutants.

Frequently Asked Questions | Necklace Air Purifier

Some important queries include

  1. Are mini necklace air purifiers effective in preventing contagious diseases?

Speaking of necklace air purifiers, they are tested and resulted as less effective than the room air purifiers. There are more chances that the large air purifiers are more likely to eliminate the pollutants from the surroundings but necklace air purifier is incapable of doing so. 

  1. What is the purpose of an air purifier necklace?

The personal necklace air purifiers create a zone within the range of 3 feet minimum and clean the air by removing harmful dust, pet dander, odors, allergens, or other airborne particles. 

  1. Do negative ion necklaces work?

Yes, they do but not that effective as only three out of four wearable ionizers are capable of removing less than 10% of the particles within the range of 20cm (0.1 ft). This is not ideal and way too low to deal with strong or contagious viruses. However, it is recommended to wear a face mask along with a necklace air purifier. 

  1. Can negative ions be absorbed through the skin?

Yes, negative ions can be absorbed by the skin. They can either be infused with oxygen or through a spray.


As per our research, a wearable air purifier must not be used as a personal air purifier, in fact, saying that these necklace air purifiers are not worth the money would not be wrong. However, we recommend going for portable air purifiers that covers a large area of your room with HEPA filters to actually breathe in clean air. 

Hope this guide would be helpful. In case of suggestions, feel free to contact us.

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