Why is My Room So Dusty? 5+ Possible Reasons with a Single Solution 

The air has always been polluted. No wonder how much you clean your house or take care of the sources of air pollution, and it makes you think, why is my room so dusty? To be honest, if I share my personal experience, there is no single reason, but many. Here I am listing some reasons and possible solutions to them. So, let’s get started.

Why is my room so dusty? Possible Reasons 

There could be many possible reasons for dust production. However, I am mentioning the prevalent reasons are

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  1. Your locality 

Apart from polluted air, the area you are living in contributes a lot to making your room dusty. The opened windows in the streets, blowing winds, the traffic, etc., are more likely to bring dust to your house.

  1. Furniture; Rugs, sofa, & carpets

The fiber and material used in the manufacturing of your furniture items attract dust. This means that they also collect dust mites on the carpet, rugs, and sofa fiber.

  1. Dead skin cells and hair fall

Many are unaware that while asleep, the dead skin cells fall off as well as your hair. This is a part of a natural process, and you cannot do anything about it except clean it. 

  1. Pet dander 

One of the most common reasons for producing dust is by our own pets. Pets also shed more hair than humans on furniture, especially carpets. 

  1. When the cleaning habits are not right

Usually, a feather duster is used for dusting purposes which cannot trap all the dust particles. In fact, they make them float in the air, which settles on the other objects later. 

  1. Uncleaned Appliances

The static current from electric appliances attracts dust, such as fans, air conditioners, etc. The more dust is on the appliances, the dustier your room will be as it will spread in the room gradually. 

  1. Humidity and outside substance

Another common reason is bringing substances from the outside. That means when you go out, your bag, shoes, clothes, and skin are stuck with the dust particles which you unconsciously bring at home. 

How do I stop my room from getting dusty?

There are many possible solutions, but the best one is to install an air purifier in your room. Our trusted air purifier is Levoit Core 300 large room air purifier. Here is why.

Levoit Core 300 for Home and allergies

Levoit Core 300

What we liked about Levoit Core 300; Pros 

  • It has powerful vortex technology for proper circulation
  • The CADR rating is impressive; Smoke 141, Dust 140, pollens 145 CFM
  • Noise level is low at 42 dB at the lowest setting and 50 dB at the high setting
  • It covers 219 sq. ft. area 
  • 3-stage filtration system

What we disliked about Levoit Core 300; Cons 

  • The pre-filter requires cleaning every 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the air quality of your area.
  • It lacks an auto mode 

Levoit Core 300 Review 

This is one of the best air purifiers for dust and allergies in large rooms. The construction involves a three-layer filtration system; pre-filters for large particles, a true HEPA filter for ultrafine particles such as an airborne—activated carbon filter to remove odor, gas, and smoke. 

It further allows three different options for working mode; pet allergy, toxin absorber, and multi-purpose. I use it for multi-purpose so that it filters the air from any kind of pollution. 

This single unit can serve differently depending on the air quality. However, the downside is that you have to do it manually as it lacks the auto-mode. 

Levoit core 300 covers an area of up to 219 sq. ft., working ideally in a large room as well as in a small room. In limited areas, it changes around 5 times air per hour. 

The best part is that this air purifier can be used in the bedrooms as it has the QuiteKEAP Technology that operates at 24 dB, allowing uninterrupted sleep. The lowest setting sound is 40 dB, while on the highest settings, it is 50 dB, only making it the quietest air purifier. 

This can be turned to night mode, in which the light is turned low or off, depending on the night light setting that you want. 

Other Possible Alternatives to cope with dust 

In case you have some other preference for air purifiers and cleaning alternatives, here are the other potential alternatives. 

  1. Air Purifier with HEPA filters

HEPA filters are capable of filtering the air from 99.97 percent microns by capturing the majority of the dust particles in its mesh. However, for an air purifier, if you do not want to go with Levoit Core 300, then it is recommended to get the unit having a filter combo of HEPA and Activate Carbon for ultimate cleaning.

  1. Use a wet cleaning technique

Mop your flooring and furniture with a damp cloth. A wet cloth with capturing the dust particles in them and wipe them out easily. This can also be used on electronic appliances, but make sure they are powered off.  

  1. For dusting, use a microfiber cloth

As I said, a feather duster is not a good option, so instead of using it or a regular cloth, use a microfiber cloth. They will capture dust in their fibers instead of making them float in the air.

  1. Declutter your house

 Unattended things are the reason why the bedroom is dusty. Sort your papers, magazines, books, etc. and throw them away. 

It is not restricted to papers only. Sort your clothes, shoes, socks, etc., everything to avoid dust. 

  1. Close the windows when it is windy outside

You have to check on your windows as ventilation brings dust to the home from the outside, especially when some construction work is going on in your street, or you live in an industrial area.

Other than that, pollens, leaves, small particles, etc., are more likely to enter in your home too.

  1. Comb your hair in the bathroom and change the bedding regularly

Any hair treatment that you need to do in the bathroom, not in the bedroom, even if you are combing your pet. Secondly, maintain the habit of changing the bedding every week. This will keep your bedding free from dead skin cells. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does opening windows reduce dust?

Unfortunately, this is one of the main reasons for making your home dusty. In fact, opening windows expose your house to other kinds of pollution as well, such as debris, pollen, etc. Undoubtedly, fresh air is essential for life, but you have to take care of it too. That is why it is always suggested to place your air purifier next to windows and doors.

  1. Do curtains prevent dust?

Textile curtains attract and capture more dust. Not only them, but all of them also dwell in the dust. However, the other fact is that the curtains also filter the air and prevent dust to some extent from entering the room. So, the answer is yes, and they prevent dust.

  1. How much dust is normal?

Dust entering the room is inevitable, and cleaning does not completely remove dust, no matter how much effort you put in. It is something re-occurring, and you cannot help but clean it.  

On average, around 40 pounds of dust is collected in an American home per year. It seems alarming, especially for people who are suffering from some allergies. Thus, it is recommended to place an air purifier.  

Conclusively, why is my room so dusty? 

It is not about the way of cleaning always, but there are some other factors as well that you can mind making your room filtered. In this article, I have mentioned some methods through which you can improve cleanliness as well as lowering the dust. 

You can adopt whichever method suits you.

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