Best air Purifier under $200 Dollars in 2023

After Covid-19 people mostly give preference to do work remotely. But how can we claim that the contamination will not affect us and never try to enter our house? Surprisingly, the air inside the home is more polluted than outdoors. So, air purifiers have proven effective in cleaning the air. 

Spending fewer sounds appealing is not always a good solution for every situation. Hence, we are here to present you with a list of one of the best air purifier under $200. So let’s begin with this guide to recognize the finest one. 

Expert Opinion

According to the expert opinion, Leovoit core 300 is the best choice for users due to its good performance. They test it many times and find the best outcomes by feeling the huge difference between indoor and outdoor environments. 

The most attractive thing about its affordability. It is the best air purifier under $200. You can buy it and take advantage of both reliability and reasonability. It can manage to clean the air in just 40 minutes. It works similarly to high-quality filters. 

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Best air Purifiers under 200 Dollars

   1-Levoit Core 300

Levoit Core 300

It is the best reseller in the U.S. with great performance. The product is easily available on amazon. With $200, you can get two of these purifiers under your budget. It features 3-stage outstanding filtration that contains carbon filters, HEPA filters and pre-filter. 

The system removes 99.9% of airborne particles, dust, contamination and more. It is the best choice for people suffering from Asthma or allergies. Its powerful fan can clean the air up to 1000 sq. feet. Furthermore, Core 300 has a built-in ionizer that can remove the particles from the air on an immediate basis.


  • Affordable
  • Simple to use
  • Small enough to fit in the room
  • Excellent filtering power


  • Noisy fan speed
  • CADR rating

2-Smart Health S


They are the ones that are fairly priced for the people. You will love to use this product. This is the best purifier choice if you are looking for the best product under budget. 

Smart health is the best budget partner for you. Its trendy looks and amazing design attract customers. This product always stands out at its peak when we consider the electricity usage and filter cost. 


  • Filters are available at a reasonable cost
  • Noise-free fan speed
  • Elegant design


  • No automatic mode
  • Unreliable 

3-Leovit Core 400S


If you will be happy paying an extra $19, Leovit core 400s is the best air purifier under $200. This is because it has a good amount of power for the budget. However, it is a good option to buy two Leovit core 300S for the best performance. On the other hand, if you want smart mode, Leovit core 400S is a great choice. 

The Leovit Core 400S can remove airborne particles to 0.3 micrometers. It has a 3 stage powerful filtration system, e.g., activated carbon filter, true HEPA filter and pre-filter. The amazing feature of a quiet motor is that it can circulate the air up to 500 sq. feet. 


  •  Remove airborne particles efficiently
  • Sleek design
  • Affordable
  • 2-years warranty


  • The filter needs to be replaced. That may be costly.
  • Little bit noisy



This product can clean the air in 27 minutes and has a CDR OF 246 CFM. This product with amazing features is the best air purifier under $200.It includes true HEPA and activated carbon filters to remove odours from the air. 

The product comes with air quality sensors that adjust the fan speed on the pollutant level in the air. In addition, winix-5300 comes with an ionizer that can be linked to the ozone. So it May be safe, but people must be aware of this. Besides, it is energy star certified, having a 5-year warranty. 


  • Remove airborne particles efficiently
  • Easy to use
  • affordable


  • Difficult to clean
  • No automatic filters

5-Coway AP-1512HH


The Coway AP-1512HH is an efficient air purifier that can remove up to 99.9% of dust or smoke. The unit has a four-stage filtration system that is pre-filter, true HEPA filter, ionizer, and activated carbon filters. It utilizes about 77.6 watts of power, making it a bit long-term for usage.

It is a simple, easy-to-use, sleek design suitable for home decor. The unit is small enough to be placed on a table or shelf, but it can clean the air in a large room. With the help of a remote control system, you can operate the device from anywhere. The ionizer helps to maintain the performance of the device. 


  • Low price tag
  • Small size, fit  anywhere in the home
  • Remote control system added for Convenience
  • Effective filtration system


  • Replacement filters are expensive
  • A unit is a bit difficult to clean



It is the best air purifier under $200. It comes with a true HEPA filter and carbon filter. It has four cleaning levels on the auto-off feature. The model captures the air from top to bottom from the space. This is the name of trust you can take as your best air cleaning partner.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Sleek design


  • Replacement filter may be costly
  • Less reliable

Buying guide for the best air purifier under $200-What to look for in an Air purifier


It is the most common technology used in air purifiers. Air is stuck in the filters and stops moving toward your house. This is the most comprehensive technology that is used in the cleaner. They are highly effective at removing dust particles from the air. The most efficient Filters are “True HEPA filters”. They can clean up to 99% germ-free air and about 0.3 microns. So you should consider the true HEPA filters before buying an air purifier.

2-Coverage Area

It is the Area where an air purifier cleans the air in terms of square feet known as the coverage area. Sometimes companies provide CADR( clean air delivery rate). So you should choose an air purifier with more coverage than your room. It will allow you to use it in lower mode as well. You must consider the coverage area concerning the replacement filter cost. 

3-Usability and Convenience

It must be noted that many air purifiers offer the Convenience of usability. Of course, this feature must be good, but sometimes, it never impacts the cleaner’s performance. So it must be an important factor to be considered before buying an air purifier.


There are several labels in the market when you shop for a purifier. The first one is the energy star logo. To be effective, the air purifier must be run around the clock, and you should consider the energy cost when buying a purifier. Energy star purifiers are 40% more efficient as compared to standard ones. There are different CADR ratings for tobacco removal. Focus on your main pollutant when buying a purifier.


Judge an air purifier not only by its performance but also by its running and its noise. The ideal machine must be run quietly. So always consider this factor before buying. The efficient purifiers must be able to run smoothly without causing any noise.


Hopefully, this article about “best air purifier under $200” will be helpful for you to find the best purifier. They are top performers, worthwhile and efficient products. So feel free to celebrate them in your search and find the best product.


1-Do air purifiers work?

Yes, air purifiers work great. They can clean the air and maintain the air quality as well.

2-What filters should I use in the purifier?

The true HEPA filter must be used in the purifier.

3-Are air purifiers a waste of money?

No, they are not a waste of money. They can clean the air and provide fresh air for you.

4-Do air purifiers reduce the oxygen level in the room?

No, they do not reduce the oxygen level in the room.

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