How to Clean Brookstone Pure Ion Air Purifier

If you feel like your Brookstone ion air purifier is not working right, then there is nothing you should worry about. It is probably happening because it is time to clean your ionizer. Herein, you can find out how to clean Brookstone pure ion air purifier.

Air purifiers are easy to maintain, but you have to take care of them periodically every 3 to six months. However, it also depends upon the air quality of the area you are living in. Most of the time, the dust build-up, debris, or pet dander makes it difficult for an air cleaner to purify the air.

In the case of the Brookstone Ion air purifier, cleaning on a regular basis increases its efficiency and makes it durable. As we said, you have to clean the filters regularly and manually; the Brookstone Ion air purifier will let you know when it needs to be clean as the backlight will flash let you know. Other than that, similar to other air purifiers, you can also do it manually. In order to do it right, here is

How to clean Brookstone pure ion air purifier?

How to Clean Brookstone Pure Ion Air Purifier

There are no specific rules for how to clean Brookstone pure air purifier; however, to make it long-lasting, the following are the steps that will help you.

1.    Keep an eye on the backlight of your Brookstone pure ion air purifier

As we have mentioned above that the Brookstone pure ion air purifier comes with a backlight that flashes once the unit gets dirty. Sometimes, there are chances that it might not work that way, so it is recommended to open the filter area and check it yourself.

2.   For cleaning, open the area where the filters are fixed

Open the top compartment and locate where the filters are placed to clean the unit. Locate the filter collection plates and remove them carefully to prevent any damage.

Note: Before you remove the filters from the units, make sure the air purifier is turned off and plugged out from the electric outlet.

3.    Remove the Debris from the filters

Once you have removed the filters from the unit, the next step is actually the cleaning method. For that, you can take a soft-bristled brush and remove the dirt gently or simply shake it off from the filters.

4.    Cleaning the Filter

Here you get two options. You can clean it with a damp microfiber cloth. If the dirt is not getting off, you can simply use a mild soap to clean the filters.


You can simply place it in your dishwasher and run it through a wash cycle. Make sure it is adequately cleaned; in case it is not, you can put it for another round.

5.    After the cleaning process, let the filters dry

 Whether you have used method one or method 2, both require total dryness of the filter. For that, after cleaning the filter, place it in the room and let it air dry. Please do not use any other drying gadget as it may cause damage to the filter.

6.    Place the filter back in the unit

 Once the cleaning and drying method is done, carefully put the filters back in their compartment and fix the lid. Plug in the switch back and turn the unit on.

Your Brookstone Ion Air Purifier is as good as New.

Apart from the Brookstone ion air purifier, here are some other queries related to the best ionizer air purifiers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to Clean an Ionizer?

A: You do not require much reinforcement to clean the ionizer except for a damp cloth. Ensure the fabric you are using is not drenched in water and should be a microfiber cloth. Now, take the damp cloth and simply wipe it with a soft hand. Try to focus more on the carbon brush. If you feel like the brush is stiff or sticky, you can use a mild soap to get the dirt out.

Q: How does an ionizer work?

A: An ionizer work by releasing negative ions in the air with the help of electricity. When released into the air, these ions find and attract the pollutants present in the air. This makes them attach to negative ions, making them heavier and letting them sit on the furniture.

Q: Can an ionizer make me sick?

A: There is no ground reality for the fact that an ionizer can make you sick however there are some symptoms that you might feel even when you are using the best ionizers. You may feel irritation in the throat, coughing, chest pain, or shortness of breath. This happens only if they are ozone generators that are sometimes ion generators. Make sure the ionizer you are getting is not an ozone generator because this is the unit that causes respiratory issues.

Q: What is the difference between an air purifier and an ionizer?

A: The core difference between a HEPA filter air purifier and an ionizer air purifier is the working efficiency of how both remove the impurities from the air. The ionizer releases negative ions in the air that attracts the impurities while the HEPA filters air purifiers let the air pass from it.

Q: Is it worth buying an ionizer?

A: Many people have an opinion that an ionizer could be dangerous for health as it releases an amount of ozone in the air which can trigger respiratory issues for some people. However, there is no harm in getting one unless it claims to be either ozone free or releases an acceptable amount.

Q: Can negative ions be harmful?

A: The negative ion does not cause any harm as they are a type of radiation ray. These rays make the ionization produce the negative ions in the air that might baffle you.

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