The 7 Best Air Purifier For Cat Litter

Your pet, especially your cat might be mean to you sometimes but remember, it is your companion in lonely times. Nevertheless, you have to deal with the fact that no matter how much you love your cat but they make your house smell bad—probably because of its litter. In this article, we have listed the best air purifier for cat litter to minimize unwanted pet smells. For that, it must be a device with either a combination of two filters or a minimum three-stage air purifier. However, we recommend having a   HEPA air purifier with activated carbon filters.

 Before we get to know the options, we have, here is a quick guide for you.





1. Kenmore Elite 81714 Pet Friendly

Has a solid and robust motorized pet hair tool
Designed with wheels
Power cord is 26-foot long and retractable

2 . Vacmaster VK809PWR 020 

The tank size is quite impressive
Long cord of 30 foot 
125 CFM powerful suction  

3 .

Bosch 9 Gallon Dust 

Wheels make movability easy
The debris tank 
It comes with self-cleaning filtration system 

4 Makita XCV 11z 18v

It has an impressive suction power 
The accessories are handy 
Noise level is 76 dB

5 Oreck BB1200DB Vacuum Cleaner 

It is portable due to its light eight
Possess blower functionality 
It comes with a blower functionality 

6 .Miele Complete C3 Marin 

Has powerful motor of 1200 W
Easily movable 
Separate motorized brushes for carpet cleaning

Things you should know before getting an air purifier for cat odor

Not every air purifier can filter the cat litter odor and dust with other impurities. That is why, before you make a final decision on a product, make sure you have considered

1.    The air purifier for cat litter odor is big enough to cover the room

The bigger the air purifier, the better results would be. Usually, the cat’s bed is placed in the living room which means to cover the area, you should have an air purifier that is big enough. An air purifier with coverage is 1000 sq. ft is ideal.

2.    Try changing the litter

Having an air purifier is obvious when you have a cat around but to maintain the efficiency of the device, apart from the features it has. Try to get an air purifier for cat litter odor that can remove other pollutants likewise.

Secondly, try to change the litter that is dust-free or has minimum dust.

3.    Get an air purifier with either an Ionizer or HEPA filter

Whenever it comes to getting the best air purifier for cat litter, a HEPA air purifier is always recommended, or else, make sure it has an ionizer. This is because an ionizer releases negative ions that attract the pollutants or suck them on the metallic plates of the unit.

Here are our picks for the best air purifier for cat odor.

7 Best Air Purifier for Cat Litter

The list includes

1.    Levoit Air Purifier H13 | Best Air Purifier for Pet Hair

Levoit Air Purifier H13

Levoit Air Purifier H13

Product Feature

  • Dimensions: 8.7 x 8.7 x 16.25 inches
  • Weight: 7.48 lbs.
  • Coverage: 547 sq. ft. in 30 minutes.
  • Filters: True HEPA
  • Power Source: AC

This unit from Levoit could be ideal for you if you have a large budget for an air filtration system and want a genuine beast to filter your air swiftly and effectively. It’s designed to filter the air for pollutants produced by pets, such as cat litter, pet dander, and pet hair.

In a house full of cats, you’d be hard pushed to find a more effective way to clean the air. It makes no difference how many cats you have in the room utilizing the litter box since this machine can manage all of their airborne particles.

It destroys or traps up to 99 percent of germs, bacteria, allergies, and other airborne contaminants, leaving your home or office completely germ-free. This device is silent and ideal to be used at night.


  • It works efficiently for air filtration
  • This device is silent.
  • Comes with a remote control feature
  • Efficient to clean pet odor and dust


  • It is a bit expensive

2.      Germ Guardian AC5250PT| best air purifier for cat litter smell

Germ Guardian AC5250PT

Germ Guardian AC5250PT

Product Feature

  • Dimensions: 11 x 6.75 x 27.25 inches
  • Weight: 11.25 lbs.
  • Coverage:
  • Filters:
  • Power Source: Corded

This is the best air purifier for cat litter smell air filtration system is made specifically for dogs and includes a HEPA filter to remove bacteria and allergies. UV light technology is also used to kill all types of viruses, bacteria, and mold. All of these characteristics work together to give allergy sufferers effective protection.

The bacteria from your cat’s waste makes up a lot of what’s in pet litter dust (after it’s been used) that causes allergy problems, and most of it can be removed with this HEPA air purifier. Germ Guardian provides some of the most effective protection against germs and other pollutants in the air.

On the negative, some customers report that the control board on this model burns out after a time. If the item is still under construction. 


  • It kills germs very well.
  • Perfect device for small and medium rooms.
  • Budget-friendly device.


  • The control board is not durable.

3.    Coway AP-1512 HH |Best air purifier for cat hair dust

Coway AP-1512 HH

Coway AP-1512 HH

Product Feature

  • Dimensions: 9.6 x 16.8 x 18.3 inches
  • Weight: 12.3 lbs.
  • Coverage: 361 sq. ft.
  • Filters: washable pre-filters
  • Power Source: Corded electric

A deodorization filter is one of the four filters included in the Coway Mighty AP-1512HH.

This is the best air purifier for cat hair dust with filters that successfully removes any stench, including cat litter, smoke, firewood, and cigarette odors. Coway Mighty AP-1512HH is one of the finest air purifiers for kitty litter odor because of this.

Pre-filter, which primarily absorbs bigger particles, vital ion filter, which eliminates particles in the air by causing electrochemical processes, and HEPA filter are all additional filters.

You may also manually adjust the fan settings on this air purifier. It also features an auto mode, which allows the fan to adjust to the air quality.

This HEPA air purifier shuts down and switches to eco-mode to save electricity if the air is continuously clean for 30 minutes.

Moreover, the Coway Mighty AP-1512HH is a relatively quiet air purifier that can handle small and medium rooms up to 361 square feet.


  • A smart device that will notify you when the filter needs replacement.
  • It is a four-stage filtration.
  • This air purifier is a quiet device 24.4 dB to 53.8 dB.
  • Effectively deodorizes the environment easily.
  • Designed as sleek and compact.


  • It is not suitable for large rooms

4.  Cuckoo CAC-I051 | best air purifier for cat odor

Cuckoo CAC-I051

Cuckoo CAC-I051

Product Feature

  • Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 16 inches
  • Weight: 4.2 lbs.
  • Coverage: 227 sq. ft.
  • Filters: 3 stage filtration
  • Power Source: Corded Electric

The Cuckoo CAC-1051, the best air purifier for cat odor, is suitable for small and medium rooms up to 227 square feet in size. It’s a reasonable device that comes with clever sensors and a 3-stage air purification system.

A pre-filter, True HEPA and activated carbon altogether work ideally to filter pet odor, dander and hair. This one also falls in the category of best air purifier for pet owners. Cuckoo CAC has a notable capacity to remove cat odor from litter using an innovative carbon filter.

True HEPA and plasma wave technology are both used to eliminate smells, chemical vapors, allergies, and other contaminants.


  • It comes with a smart sensor.
  • Has an automatic feature that makes it a convenient air purifier.
  • This air purifier picks up pet hair and odor effectively.


  • It requires monthly replacement for a filter.

5    Germ Guardian AC4300BPTCA 22 inches | air purifier for cat litter odor

Germ Guardian

Germ Guardian

Product Feature

  • Dimensions: 8.88 x 6.38 x 22 inches
  • Weight: 9.45 lbs.
  • Coverage: 743 sq. ft.per hour
  • Filters: 5-stage filtration UV C light
  • Power Source: Corded Electric

The Germ Guardian True has a 5-stage filtering system that will eliminate any odor issues, whether they are caused by a litter box or wildfire smoke.

The GG True was created with mobility and purification in mind, as seen by the tower-like shape, which is both attractive and useful.

Because of its Pet Pure filter, which has a particular coating that inhibits the growth of odor-causing germs, this great purifier from Germ Guardian made the list. This air purifier for cat litter odor works because the pre-filter is likewise impregnated with charcoal and is odor-resistant.

The pre-filter not only eliminates smells, but also bigger particles such as pet dander, pet hair, dust specks, and other impurities in the air. The activated carbon covering also prevents harmful chemicals and VOCs from becoming airborne due to the presence of pets and litter boxes.

After that, a true HEPA filter screens particles down to 0.3 microns with 99.97 percent accuracy. This helps to get rid of the majority of odor-causing bacteria.

Any remaining microorganisms are killed by UV-C radiation, which damages their DNA. This eliminates odors while also assisting in the prevention of mold growth on filters.


  • It removes odor and other pollutants effectively
  • Comes with five years of warranty
  • UV-C radiation


  • This air purifier system lacks some smart features

6. Levoit Air Purifier for Home | Best air purifier for Home

Levoit Air Purifier for Home

Levoit Air Purifier for Home

Product Feature

  • Dimensions: 7.9 x 7.9 x 12.6 inches
  • Weight: 6.5 inches
  • Coverage: 260 sq. ft. per 30 minutes
  • Filters: Three-stage filtration. Ozone free; UV-C light purification method
  • Power Source: Corded Electric

If cleaning hasn’t worked and you’ve ruled out medical causes, an air purifier that can handle VOCs is a decent option for getting rid of pet scents. Some air purifiers are quite effective at eliminating or destroying VOCs, while others barely work at all.

This is the best air purifier for the home as it is a silent device and operates at 25dB sound. When it is time to change the filters, this device will let you know. Speaking of its purification, this air purifier circulates and filters the air four times an hour.

As we said earlier that an air purifier for pet odor must have a minimum three-stage filtration system, this air purifier effectively fulfills the criteria. With three different fan speeds, you can adjust it according to the quality of the air.


  • This air purifier for pets has responsive buttons.
  • It comes with three fan speeds.
  • It is easy to use and set up.


  • The buttons have a high-pitched sound.

7. Alen Flex Air Purifier | Best air purifier for cat hair

Alen Flex Air Purifier

Alen Flex Air Purifier

Product Feature

  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 15 x 25 inches
  • Weight: 15 lbs.
  • Coverage: 700 sq. ft. in 30 minutes
  • Filters: HEPA filters
  • Power Source: Electric Corded

The final product in our list of the best air purifier for cat hair, we have selected Alen Flex air purifier. This one is indeed not as popular as other air purifiers but this can purify the air with great efficiency.

For cat litter smell, this is a wonderful low-cost air purifier. On turbo speed, it can clean 700 square feet in 30 minutes. That’s twice as quick as the leading rivals. It features a simple design that works in every room. Large bedrooms, living rooms, offices, nurseries, kitchens, and basements are all good candidates.

A True HEPA filter is used to remove dust, dander, allergies, hair, and smells from the air. True HEPA filters also last 3 to 6 months longer than ordinary filters.

On Turbo mode, it only consumes 36 watts of power. According to the producers, the lowest setting uses less than 50 cents per month in electricity.


  • It is a quiet air purifier.
  • This device consumes low energy.
  • Has a sleek design.


  • It produces Ozone. Make sure the level it produces the ozone under is acceptable

Conclusion | Best Air Purifier for Cat Litter

Pets are the most loyal creature presently that can comfort you in the hard times. However, the fact remains still that your pet whether a cat or dog, has an unwanted odor especially when you don’t have time to clean its litter box. Obviously, you cannot let go of it that is why we have made a list consisting of air purifier for cat litter odor. They will keep your home odorless and make the air clean by removing all the allergens; pet hair and dander too.

Frequently Asked Question | Best Air Purifier for Cat Litter

Q: Will an air purifier get rid of cat urine smell?

A: If cleaning the cat litter box is not done with an immediate effect, it will make your house smell. If cleaning only does not work after, you should probably leave the rest over an air purifier that handles VOCs effectively and removes the pet smells.

Q: Can I put an air purifier in the Bathroom?

A: Placement of an air purifier is a crucial decision as it can make your money either worth spending or can make it go all to waste. Placing an air purifier in the bathroom is a good option but it is recommended to place an air purifier dehumidifier combo to remove the access amount of humidity and must have carbon filters as well.

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