Why is Dyson Air Purifier So Expensive

Why is Dyson air purifier so expensive? Well, the answer to this is simple good things always come with a price and so does Dyson. When we come across the names of the best air purifiers, you will always find Dyson on the list. However, apart from that, if you wonder how much an air purifier costs then, it totally depends upon the usage and the quality of the air you have indoors. As here we are speaking of Dyson specifically, so let’s focus on it. Here is a deep dig of the dyson air purifier.

Why is dyson air purifier so expensive?

Why is Dyson Air Purifier So Expensive

Comparing the dyson air purifier with the other devices, with the advanced features and design will definitely justify why is dyson air purifier so expensive.

Usually, you have seen the typical boxed device that purifies indoors, the design is one reason that makes it stand out from the rest. Well here we are not judging the device upon its appearance, there are other features too that make this device special.

Here we are mentioning some key features of a Dyson air purifier

Features of Dyson | Why is dyson air purifier so expensive


The manufacturers of Dyson claim that their air purifier comes with the Air Multiplier Technology that makes the air mixes the air and circulates it in every single corner of the room. Where should your air purifier be placed matters a lot for improving the efficiency of an air purifier. Other than that, the features that make dyson the best air purifier include

1.    Sensor for air quality with the automatic mode

Similar to the other air purifier, Dyson comes with a sensor that detects the air quality. This feature help promptly activates the air purifier when the air quality is low. This sensor works with the automatic mode that works with the sensor in order to activate the cleaning process.

What makes it different?

As we said before, the Dyson air purifier is a smart device as it will give you information about the air quality and how many airborne pollutants are present in the room. You will get real-time information on a display of your air purifier. Other than that, you can also download the Dyson app to keep updated and make the device more portable.

Now, as this is the latest feature, many companies have adopted that with some other innovations. Nonetheless, this feature is indeed cost-effective as with a regular air purifier that lacks this feature, you have to get an additional monitor to know the air quality.

2.    Dyson Filters


A dyson air purifier comes with a combination of filters that includes HEPA and activated carbon that all together removes the ultrafine particles and the toxic gases present in the air.

HEPA filters are always recommended as they can remove the particles from the air at around 99.97% without any difficulty. The only drawback of these filters includes that the HEPA filter is incapable of eliminating the gasses. That is why it is combined with activated carbon filters most of the time.

3.    Heater Function

Some of the Dyson air purifiers offer the heating and cooling feature but remember that it is not included in every model. The heating feature activates automatically when the device detects a fall in the room temperature. Once the required temperature is achieved, the air purifier goes back to standby mode.

4.    Air Purifier/Dehumidifier combo

Another feature that Dyson offers is that it can multitask this means, it can be used as a dehumidifier as well. With the help of its sensor, it analyzes the air quality, temperature, and humidity level and then works according. However, you can turn off the humidifier feature if you want as it can cause irritation on the skin, eyes and even can make your nose bleed.

Make sure to maintain the environment with a suitable humidity level.

5.    Timer

That is the best feature that any air purifier can have is the timer. You can set the time accordingly. An air purifier can run 12 hours straight so, before going to bed, in order to have a sound sleep, you can simply set the time.

6.    Smart controlling feature

Dyson is a smart device with innovative features. It includes controlling settings through a mobile application or remote. Other than that, some of the models work with voice commands.

Conclusion | Dyson Air Purifier

Getting the right air purifier that suits everyone is quite a task but we prefer to go with the big names like Levoit, Dyson, Honeywell, etc. that we think is worth for money. Sometimes, while on a hunt, many air purifiers seem to be expensive and you have to go extravagant to get one.

However, speaking of the price range, while comparing the renowned brands one might wonder why is dyson air purifier is so expensive? This guide has specifically been made to answer this query. Hope you get a satisfactory answer to your query.

Other information regarding the Dyson air purifier is covered under faqs.

Frequently Asked Questions | Dyson Air Purifier

Q: Are Dyson air purifiers really good?

A: When this product is reviewed and researched, we have gone through the customer experiences. The majority of the Dyson air purifier users are satisfied with their efficiency and providing comfort to patients suffering from severe allergies.

Q: Is a Dyson fan an air conditioner?

A: A Dyson fan does not work as an air conditioner or cool the air through the fan. This is because it is a small yet smart device that is used for removing impurities from the air. It may give you a cooling sensation, but it will not cause any impact on the room temperature.

Q: Are expensive air purifiers worth it?

A: Every good thing has a price. Here the term good refers to an air purifier that comes with impressive and smart features that make the device efficient. However, if you do not own any pet then you probably do not require much filtration. In that case, you should go for a less expensive air purifier.

Q: How much does a Dyson air purifier cost?

A: The price range of the Dyson air purifier varies depending upon the models and the features they have. Their cheapest air purifier is Dyson Pure Cool Me which costs $349 to go above $600.

Q: Does the Dyson air purifier use a lot of electricity?

A: The power consumption of an air purifier is a factor that determines not only the cost it will consume but also how efficient the device will be. When the cooling mode is activated on a Dyson air purifier, the power consumption is from 36 to 44 watts which is comparatively low, however, on the heating mode, it will consume around 1575 watts. In order to save electricity, you can turn the auto option on.

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