Best Plug in Air Purifier in 2022

Do you feel irritated with even a little polluted air and a pungent smell? The best plug in air purifier is the solution to your problem.

There is no other practical and functional way to eliminate unwanted and harmful substances from the air than a plug-in air purifier. Plug-in air purifiers are a practical as well as a compelling choice for people who do not want to inhale air pollutants and breathe in the fresh and clean air.

Physically they are compact models that have taken the market by storm with practical as well as economical prices. A plug-in air purifier can be beneficial for all and a great addition to breathing in a healthy environment, especially after this global pandemic.

Since we are discussing a plug in air purifier here, there are certain features that make this device work at its optimal level. Let’s give it a quick read to





1. Kenmore Elite 81714 Pet Friendly

Has a solid and robust motorized pet hair tool
Designed with wheels
Power cord is 26-foot long and retractable

2 . Vacmaster VK809PWR 020 

The tank size is quite impressive
Long cord of 30 foot 
125 CFM powerful suction  

3 .

Bosch 9 Gallon Dust 

Wheels make movability easy
The debris tank 
It comes with self-cleaning filtration system 

4 Makita XCV 11z 18v

It has an impressive suction power 
The accessories are handy 
Noise level is 76 dB

5 Oreck BB1200DB Vacuum Cleaner 

It is portable due to its light eight
Possess blower functionality 
It comes with a blower functionality 

6 .Miele Complete C3 Marin 

Has powerful motor of 1200 W
Easily movable 
Separate motorized brushes for carpet cleaning

What Features Make Plug in Air Purifier the Best; Buying Guide

A plethora of air purifiers is increasing daily, leaving people confused about which is the best one. There is no fixed definition of the perfect one, but a few essential features play a significant role in the working. Every air purifier is best if it fulfills your requirement. These are essential features that you should take into consideration.

1.     Filtration

For plug-in air purifiers, go for at least 3-stage filtration systems. This will include genuine HEPA filters for the elimination of small particles, pre-filters for large particles, and activated carbon filters for pleasant air.

Collectively, these filters provide a strong defense against harmful particles.

They can trap particles as small as 0.3 microns and filter 99.95% of contaminants.

The built-in ionizers and UV-C light can provide even a robust filtration system.

2.     Coverage

Some plug-in air purifiers are designed to cover a large area, whereas some can clean air in the range of 100 square feet. In order to get the ideal unit for your room, you need to measure the room in square feet then check the coverage area capacity of the unit. If the device matches the area of your room, then you can expect results.

3.     CDAR rating

The clean air delivery rate or CDAR is a unit created to measure how effective an air purifier is in eliminating contaminants from the air per minute.

It is generally measured in cubic feet. The will be the CDAR rate, the more effective it will eradicate contaminants. If you are willing to keep your air free from the weed smell, ensure to get the unit with a high CADR rating.

4.     Noise

Noise is not a primary feature that many people might consider, but you will regret it later when you will have to sleep with engine sound.

It is because close places can make the sound echo and create irritating sound. Similarly, some devices have decibel ratings.

Therefore, look for a unit with a minimum decibel rating. The considerable noise level is 30, but below 60dB is also acceptable at high speed.

5.     Quality and durability

A Plug-in air purifier is not something you would like to replace daily. Therefore, take the unit that is well-known and can give you a long run.

With durability, high-quality functioning air purifiers can make you and your environment healthy as they do not produce harmful gasses like ozone. Ensuring the internal as well as external air of the house is a key to a healthy life.

However, check the unit’s guarantee as the machine can betray you anytime. Choose the unit with at least one year warranty for the safe side.

Our Pick for the Best Plug in Air Purifier Include

1. GermGuardian pluggable air purifier & sanitizer

GermGuardian pluggable Air Purifier

GermGuardian pluggable air purifier


  • Dimension: 4 x 3 x 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 0.7 pounds
  • Coverage area: 100 sq. ft.
  • Purification technology: UV-C
  • Filters life: 10 to 12 months

The germ guardian plug-in air sanitizer and purifier is a well-known sturdy, multi-functional unit that you can operate by directly plugging-in any room where you have an outlet.

This compact and sleek air purifier has a 7 inches long body ideal for small areas such as a children’s bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office cabinet, Laundry room, pet zone, and many more.

 It is one of the best plug in air purifiers designed to minimize unwanted as well as harmful airborne germs, viruses, and household odor with UV-C light bulbs.

This also collaboratively works with titanium dioxide to trap volatile organic compounds. It is easy to maintain, requiring minimal maintenance aside from changing the bulb.


  • Compact and sleek design
  • Portable
  • Able to plug in in different directions
  • Easy to maintain


  • Noticeable fan noise

2. ENVION therapure TPP50 ionic pro

ENVION therapure TPP50 ionic pro

ENVION therapure TPP50 ionic pro


  • Dimension: 3.5 x 5.75 x 12.75 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Coverage area: 100 sq. ft.
  • Purification technology: UV-C
  • Filter life: 10 to 12 months

The specially designed small room plug-in air purifier is high- energy-efficient and has the ability to freshen up the air in half an hour.

It is equipped with many notable features that one can never look at, including washable filters to eliminate common allergens and pet odors.

Moreover, the addition to UV-C light sanitizes the air thoroughly by removing viruses, bacteria, and germs that keep lingering in the air for a long time.

The built-in powerful fan is able to distribute air back into the environment after purification at a fast and steady pace. Therefore, as its size reflects, it can cover small rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, etc., in a short period of time.

This is the best plug-in air purifier for small rooms available in different colors, including black and white, with stylish aesthetics.


  • Ultra-silent
  • It sits flush to the wall
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • It takes up both outlets

3. HomeZens portable plug-in air purifier

HomeZens portable plug-in Air Purifier

HomeZens portable plug-in air purifier


  • Dimension: 3.5 x 3 x 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 12 ounces
  • Coverage area: 110 sq. ft.
  • Purification technology: UV light
  • Noise level: 45 dB

The HomeZens is the best wall plug-in air purifier of measures 7 inches. Its minimal size as well as the lightweight body make it portable and allows the user to relocate it in the house quickly.

Moreover, whether you are planning for a long trip or a summer house party at any villa, it would be a great companion to carry to ensure healthy air to breathe.

It has an 18—degree rotatable connection for small places, so it can be plugged in at various angles if you require more space.

It is a compact as well as a powerful unit that offers total protection against small airborne harmful particles. The UV-C light works to penetrate those hard-to-reach corners to ensure the end of every dangerous compound.

There are considerable units that can help make the airborne germs and viruses inactive and kill up to 99.99% of them.


  • Simple and easy to set up
  • High-quality light to give a long run
  • East to clean
  • Easy replacement available
  • Ultra-quiet at high speed


  • Fans are a little slow

4. AAP 50 plug-in adjustable ionic room air purifier

AAP 50 Plug

AAP 50 plug-in adjustable ionic room air purifier


  • Dimension: 1.97 x 4.09 x 3.54 inches
  • Weight: 6.35 ounces
  • Coverage area: 150 sq. ft.
  • Power source: corded electric
  • Material: plastic

AAP 50 from O3 pre is the best minimal-sized plug-in air purifier that is easy to use and requires less maintenance at the same time. It has the ability to clean rooms and deodorizes all kinds of unpleasant smells.

Moreover, it features the adjustable zone concentration feature so that you can decrease as well as increase the level of purifier operation according to your need.

The purifier is powerful enough to trap and eliminate all odors and bacteria for up to 150 square feet from the laundry room to the kitchen and bathroom. It provides a fresh atmosphere and effectively combats mold and mildew.

Further, it is an environment-friendly unit as it neither uses nor produces harmful gasses that can affect the environment. Other than that, the feature oiled fan system does not require replacing and cleaning any filters for however long you use this air purifier.


  • No adverse health effects
  • Eliminate harmful bacteria
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Low maintenance


  • It starts creating noise after being used for a long time

5. Hamilton beach true air plug

Hamilton beach

Hamilton beach true air plug


  • Dimension: 22.1 x 15 x 9.7 Centimeter
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Coverage area: 100 sq. ft.
  • Filters: activated carbon filter

It is a small plug-in air purifier featuring a strip of carbon fibers in order to absorb odors, smoke, and other harmful gasses. This can effectively eliminate the everyday household odor that keeps lingering for a long time.

It can also deal with the litter box, tobacco smoke, and heavy cooking odor. Night-light on the top-band is very useful for staircases and walkways.

The main feature of this best plug-in air purifier is its scent cartridge compatibility. It includes a green meadow scent cartridge and can be connected to other scent cartridges that are easy to apply.

In short, this is the best fragrance-compatible air purifier that can tackle airborne particles as well. If you live in a basement and small places, it is an ideal unit for you.


  • Fragrance-compatible
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Compact and slim body


  • Requires filter replacement every three months

6. Clarifion negative ion generator

Clarifion negative

Clarion negative ion generator


  • Dimension: 5.51 x 3.11 x 1.65 inches
  • Weight: 2.75 pounds
  • Coverage area: 150 sq. ft.
  • Purification system: ionizer
  • Power source: corded electric

Clarifion is the best plug-in air purifier in the market, equipped with advanced technology. Although it has a compact body, this plug-in ionizer can generate up to one million negative ions per cm cube.

These ions are powerful enough to eliminate and kill bacteria, viruses, allergens, pet hair, and smoke particles in order to improve air quality to live a healthy life.

Above all, it’s beneficial for people suffering from respiratory diseases. Besides ionizer, this air purifier comes with a convenient LED indicator and has low noise. It cares for your peaceful environment with the minimal use of energy.

Therefore, you can use it all day and night without having a slight impact on your electricity bill. Moreover, this plug-in sanitizer does not need high maintenance and filter replacement. You just require simply plugging it into the socket and enjoying a healthy life.


  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance
  • Powerful ionizer
  • LED indicator
  • Ultra-quiet during operation


  • A bit pricey

How to get the most out of a Plug in air purifier?

It is a hassle to get back and forth to buy an air purifier every time it stops working, not in terms of time only but also will cost a lot each time. However, there are some innovative techniques that you can opt for in order to make your air purifier durable.

The most reliable and working technique is maintaining your Air purifier. This is the best method through which you can make your device effective as well as durable. Make sure you are cleaning and replacing the filters of your units on a regular basis so it will not compromise the effectiveness of your unit. No doubt, this will make your air purifier long-last.


Indeed, your home’s indoor air has fewer air pollutants as compared to outside air, but still, you are not as secure as you perceive to be. Fortunately, a plug-in air purifier can make a lot as well as a noticeable difference in the air quality.

These devices effectively eliminate dust, pollens, allergens, and other harmful compounds. Nevertheless, the plethora of titles can confuse you; therefore, we have mentioned the best plug in air purifier of minimal size to keep the air quality up to mark at a reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are plug-in air purifiers?

A: As the name reflects, plug-in air purifiers start operation as they are plugged into an outlet. Unlike conventional air purifiers that feature a long wire, they directly go into the wall plug. Their compact body and lightweight material can function in multiple directions conveniently, but they cannot cover prominent places. They are designed for small places like small rooms, offices, cabinets, cars, etc. With the simple design, it is an easy-to-operate plug-in sanitizer.

Q: Why should we have a plug-in air purifier?

A: Plug-in air purifiers are the most cost-effective way to keep the indoor air clean. Many models come with built-in air fresheners to get rid of the pungent smell. It filters and replaces polluted air with a breezy, scented fragrance. If you sit in a small cabin or live in a hostel room, plug-in air purifiers should be your first choice. It is because they can filter out the air effectively with 100 or roundabout square feet at an affordable price. There are no technical abilities and skills required. It is a simple plug-in and plays device.

Q: Do plug-in air purifiers actually work?

A: Yes, plug-in air purifiers effectively work, but they have the same limitations of filters and size. They can filter out pollen, pet dander, and germs. Moreover, they are capable enough to filter out volatile organic compounds and gasses from the air if they come with true HEPA filters. Many air purifiers are strong enough to eliminate the irritating odor that keeps lingering in the room. However, if we talk about their effective range, plug-in air purifiers are helpful for small rooms. This can include a bathroom, car, small study room, or even small office cabinets.

Q: How many air purifiers do I need?

A: It is the criteria that depend on the needs of every individual. You can buy one air purifier with a large covering area, but you will have to carry it to the other room each time you leave. However, some devices do not have the capacity to clean one room. Therefore, you may need to buy more than one air purifier. On the other hand, if you buy a centralized air purification system, you can go with one unit only.

Q: Can you keep the purifier in the same room during the purifier?

A: Yes, of course. Air purifiers clean the room without eliminating harmful compounds. As plug-in air purifiers are small air purifiers that have low noise levels. Therefore, they do not even disturb the peaceful night. But, some air purifiers have high noise levels that can disturb night peace. However, leaving the air purifier on does not affect your health; it sometimes disturbs your peace of mind. 

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