Levoit Air Purifier Red Light | Best Guide in 2023

Malfunctioning is inevitable. Although you have bought a Levoit air purifier is one of the best air purifiers but, it sometimes does not work. It is rare but, it happens. In case you see any abnormality like a Levoit air purifier red light. This could be because of different reasons however, you can fix the issue by following the same steps regardless of its type or manufacturing company. Since here we are speaking of the Leviot air purifier so let’s just continue about fixing and maintaining it. 

5 Pro Tips for Levoit Air Purifiers Maintenance

  1. Replace the filter: The filter in your air purifier will need to be replaced periodically. Refer to your owner’s manual to determine how often you should replace the filter based on your specific model and usage.
  2. Clean the air inlet and outlet grills: Wipe the inlet and outlet grills with a dry cloth to remove any dust or debris that has accumulated.
  3. Dust the outside of the unit: Use a dry cloth to dust the exterior of the air purifier. Avoid getting the electrical components wet.
  4. Store the air purifier properly: If you need to store your air purifier for an extended period of time, be sure to store it in a dry, dust-free location.
  5. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions: Be sure to follow the specific maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer for your particular model.

How to Set up a Levoit Air Purifier?

Levoit Air Purifier Red Light
  • It does sound complex but it is actually very simple. Obviously, the first thing after buying is unboxing.
  • Right after you unbox it, take the unit and remove the filter cover.
  • Pull out the filter from the unit along with the plastic packaging.
  • Reinstall the filter in the housing.

Note: Cross-check the pull tabs are facing outwards.

  • Push the cover back and secure the unit safely.
  • Look out the location where you want to place it and level the surface of the air purifier with the surface. Try to leave 15 inches / 38 cm from all the sides of the air purifiers.
  • Plug your unit in the electricity and push the power button to turn the air purifier on. 
  • You will see the fan starting automatically. Some of the units usually offer three-speed levels for the fan. You can easily change it by tapping it or by a push-button. Also, you can select auto mode or the sleep mode, or power timer.
  • Tapping to the same power button can turn off your unit.

Note: The fan speed in some units sets automatically depending upon the quality of air.

To Set the Auto Mode

In order to activate the auto mode, tap the auto mode button

For sleep mode, tap the following button. The speed of the fan button can also turn off the sleep auto mode. 

The sleep mode acquires a low fan speed in order to run silently. 

To Turn On the Sleep Mode

For turning on the sleep mode just simply tap the sleep mode button to turn it on and off. 

Note: If you increase or decrease the fan speed or the auto mode, the sleep mode automatically will turn off. 

How to Set a timer on Leviot Air Purifier?

How to Set a timer on Leviot Air Purifier

The Levoit air purifier offers a feature of timer that allows you to set a specific time in which you want your purifier to work and will automatically turn off. Here are the steps for enabling your timer from 1 to 12 hours.

Push/tap the timer button in a repeated manner or hold the button to set the time.

The timer will begin the count down after flashing 5 times once you set the time.

The purifier will automatically turn off when the timer is completed. 

In case you want to cancel the timer, keep taping the button continuously unless the timer displays the symbols “_”. The timer will flash your time again to confirm the cancellation. 

What if the Levoit Air Purifier is not turning on?


Sometimes it happens that after assembling the purifier, it does not turn on or show any response when the power button is tapped. At that moment, make sure it is connected properly to the power outlet. 

You can check it by adding some other unit to the same outlet. It might be possible that the cord is damaged. If it is so, you can claim to contact customer support. It means that the device is malfunctioning of the device.  

Levoit Air Purifier Red Light

The continuous red light is an indication of some malfunctioning of your unit. There are chances that it is due to the filter. To reset, check the filter light first. In order to check the air purifier, turn on your air purifier and hold the check button for three seconds. 

What does that mean if a Levoit air purifier Beeps?

When the air purifier is beeping, it is indicating that your unit requires a system reset. 

The first thing that you have to do is check if it is attached to the power source but turned off. If so, then hold the filter reset button for 3 seconds. 

When the light is turned off, the reset is complete. If this does not work then hold the filter reset button for 5 seconds. 

Else, you can unplug your unit from an electric source and leave it that way for 30 minutes.

If the display of the Levoit air purifier is not working then..

The drawback that the Levoit air purifier has is the faulty display. In order to fix it, all you have to do is to contact support because there is nothing that you can do about it except that. 

If the Air purifier is not working then

If you feel like your unit is not blowing the air right then cross-check if you have removed the plastic packaging from the filter properly. Secondly, make sure the filter is fixed right. Still, the unit is not working then try to increase the fan speed. It might be possible that your air purifier is on a sleep mode at which it automatically turns down the fan speed. 

Another thing, check if the unit has the right clearance around it from all sides. In case it does not work too, try to clean the pre-filter, it might be blocking the airflow. 

After trying all of these, if still there is no luck then either go for a new air purifier or call for an expert.

When to Replace Levoit Air Purifier?

If you feel like the air of the room is heavily polluted and your air purifier is not working then this indicates that the filters are clogged with impurities or have completed their life. The first thing that you have to check here is if your filters are washable. If yes then, bring out the filter carefully and wash them. If they are not then it is time to replace them. 

After doing that (whatever was needed), hit the reset button of your unit and hold it for 3 seconds till the light is turned on. Once it lights, hold it for another 3 seconds till the light turns off. 

How long should I leave the Levoit Air Purifier on?

You can leave your air purifier on for the whole day but it will cost you a lot. In order to cut that amount short, it is recommended to turn on your unit at its maximum speed for 30 minutes. After that, turn it down to the lowest speed. This way, you will get clean air, and also it is cost-effective too.

How do you know if you need to change the filter?

You will need to change your air purifier’s filters every 6 months for Levoit. If the air quality is very low, then you have to change your unit more often. You will get the indication; the light that will begin to light. It is not always an indication for replacement of the filters but, marking it every 6 months must.