Where Should I Put My Air Purifier

It is a dilemma where should I put my air purifier? Sometimes, it feels like every corner is ideal for placing the air purifier. Actually, it is not. To get the optimal performance from your air purifier, you have to put it strategically. On the other hand, if you place two identical air purifiers then, you can easily have a completely different experience with your indoor quality. Nonetheless, it all depends upon where you place it. In this blog, you will find out the prime locations where you can put your air purifier. Firstly, you have to identify specific things like

Which Part of Home Has More Contaminated Air?

It may sound absurd to you that some places of your home are contaminated when you clean your home yourself, but it is true. Though you sweep your home on a regular basis, some substances like mold are more like to grow in the basement, where there is a high amount of moisture and bacteria.

 Molds are more likely to trigger allergies in people with respiratory issues. Not only this, if you have pets at home, especially in your bedroom, it can trigger the allergy too. So, what should you do? You can take care of it by putting the air purifier where there are chances of the growth of mold or in the room where your pet lives the most.

Where Should I Put My Air Purifier?

Where Should I Put My Air Purifier?

In general speaking, placing your air purifier at the right place enhances its performance up to 20%. Whereas if it is not located right then, it will not only consume more power but also minimize 50% of its efficiency and longevity.

Many big names for air purifying units such as LEVIOT and DYSON come with a manual and placing instructions for optimal performance.

The two main factors that contribute to the placement of the air purifier includes

  • Where is the concentration of air pollutants (dust, smoke, pet hair, mold spore) are high?
  • Where is the highest airflow in the room where you want to place your unit?

Keeping these two main factors in mind, here is the answer to the query and can make your air purifier more efficient.

Places Where You can put Your Air Purifier?

You can either get an extended 20% or lose 50% than the optimal efficiency of your air purifying unit. So, let’s get started.

Places Where You can put Your Air Purifier

1.    Where Pollutants are Prone

The key is to know where exactly there is a high concentration of air pollutants.  Usually, this is detected and measured with the help of an air quality monitor, but it is not necessary. You can go with your senses and guts to get through it.

Some pollutants such as smoke and mold are visible. You can place it near the molds or the smoking area in this condition. If you find a smoke smell coming from outdoors, simply put it near your window.

Other than that, you can use your smelling sense as well. If you get some odor or pungent smell, this is the sign that you need to purify the air for the surroundings.

Most of the time, the most important one is that many of us are allergic to certain things like dust, pet dander, or other impurities, most likely in bedrooms or in the kitchen.

This shows that there is apparently a concentration of contaminants that are triggering the allergies. So, that is how to find the concentration of impurities.

2.    Place is 3 to 5 Feet Approximately off the Ground

For indoors, there are two different directions, horizontal and vertical. Horizontal is from door to door, whereas vertical is from ceiling to flooring.

The hot air circulates vertically from ceiling to flooring. This is the trick; placing them off the floor (minimum 3 to 5 maximum) captures the horizontal indoor movement of air as well as vertically. Here is another option; you can also mount it on the wall.

The filters in the air purifier will capture these pollutants at the moment and allow you to clean lately. 

For your office use and in the bedrooms (in some cases), you can go for smaller units that you can place on your desktop or next to your nightstand for bedrooms.

3.    Where the Airflow is High

One of the most efficient ways is to place the air purifier in the hallways, close doors and windows, and near the walls. This is because, in these areas, it is easier for the air purifier to clean the air quickly because these are the places with high movements.

The moving air has a significant content of pollutants because of the movement, such as the lifting of dust, mold spores, and other pollutants that move around the room. Placing the air purifying device near the front door or other entrances can offer more clean air.

Now, these were the places where you should place your air purifier. However, there are some places where if the unit is located will compromise the efficiency of your device. These places are

1.    Corners or Areas with Low Airflow

Putting the air purifier in the corners is a big mistake because the airflow in these areas is low, which compromises the unit’s efficiency because of blockage.

Though the air quality is better in the corners, that does not mean putting the device there as it will either would not or, in a low amount clean the air. Here is what you should avoid

  • Placing the air purifier on the floor directly.
  • The areas with the low airflow
  • Places with blockage in two direction

2.    Put them in a Clear Vicinity

Avoid placing your unit where there is no or less airflow or other heavy objects in the places. This includes putting the unit behind the television or near behind or under the bookrack. However, these are the places that seem to be a perfect fit. They are not.

An air purifier requires maximum airflow from more cleaning and less energy consumption so they are more likely to be potential hurdles.

3.    Places with High Humidity

A high humidity level indicates the heaviness of the air. This causes a problem for a regular air purifier because

  • The air purifier needs more energy to create clean air when the air is humid
  • Humidity minimizes the efficiency of the filters even if the unit has HEPA filters

Try to avoid the places where the air is moist. This includes

Kitchen because using hot water or boiling water or any liquid will increase the amount of humidity in the air.

Bathrooms, obviously the other possible place where there is air so, try to avoid placing such units. However, you can use a multi-functional air purifier or a dehumidifier so these places.

4.    Avoid Putting the Units Near Electronic Devices

The main aim of placing the air purifier is to get an optimal performance which can easily be compromised by putting an air purifier next to any electronic device.

Things such as television, stereo, microwave, or any other electronic device can cause harm to the unit so, it is recommended not to put the air purifier near such gadgets.

Always put the air purifier at a maximum distance of 5 ft from the electronic devices.

Do I Have to Keep Air Purifier at One Place?

It is unnecessary to place your air purifier in the same place as most of the units are light in weight or portable. Unless the airflow which is required by the air purifier is insufficient, there is no need to move it, but you can when the unit is not at its optimal efficiency.

Summing it Up

An air purifier helps to remove the contaminated substances from the air. However, to get the most out of it, it is better to have knowledge about its placement as specific locations are more likely to intervene in the optimal performance. This blog will be your guide for the placement of your air purifying device with which is the best or the worst place to put your unit.

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