6 Best Water Air Purifier |Our Choice for 2022

You are familiar with the air purifiers that help remove pollutants, allergens, and other impurities from the air. They are further classified into air purifiers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, etc. However, in this article, we review the best water air purifiers. Let’s find out.

What is a Water Air Purifier?

The other name for the water-air purifier is water-based air purifiers. This type of air cleaner is perfect to have at home if you have a dust allergy—as it cleans the air eliminating all kinds of dust, pollens, spores, pet hair, foul odor, smoke, etc. 





1. Kenmore Elite 81714 Pet Friendly

Has a solid and robust motorized pet hair tool
Designed with wheels
Power cord is 26-foot long and retractable

2 . Vacmaster VK809PWR 020 

The tank size is quite impressive
Long cord of 30 foot 
125 CFM powerful suction  

3 .

Bosch 9 Gallon Dust 

Wheels make movability easy
The debris tank 
It comes with self-cleaning filtration system 

4 Makita XCV 11z 18v

It has an impressive suction power 
The accessories are handy 
Noise level is 76 dB

5 Oreck BB1200DB Vacuum Cleaner 

It is portable due to its light eight
Possess blower functionality 
It comes with a blower functionality 

6 .Miele Complete C3 Marin 

Has powerful motor of 1200 W
Easily movable 
Separate motorized brushes for carpet cleaning

Why Should I Get a Water Based Air Purifier?

During the harsh weather, especially when it is cold outside, the polluted and dry air causes health problems and irritation. At that moment, an ordinary air purifier would not be beneficial so, the best water air purifier is what you have. 

The water air purifier is an intelligent solution for having itchy or dry atmospheric situations because it is a device that improves the quality of the air we breathe to a greater extent. 

A water air purifier is even better for those living in cold and dry areas because they work as humidifiers and diffusers. 

Like conventional air purifiers, it makes the air clean and fresh by removing airborne particles, like dust, volatile organic compounds, pollens, allergens, and other harmful compounds, but it is eco-friendlier. 

You can enjoy this multi-functional unit at an affordable price. So, what are you waiting for? Get a hand on a water air purifier and improve your living standard.

Now, without any further delay, let jump to the best water based air purifier 2022.  

Our Pick for the Best Water Air Purifier Include

1. Sirena Twister Air Purifier

Sirena Twister Air Purifier

Best Water Air Purifier


  • Dimensions: 9 x 8 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 2.35 pounds
  • LED colors: 7
  • Power: 110-120V
  • Water capacity: 1.9 Qt
  • Noise: 38dB


  • Portable
  • Easy to install
  • Scent diffuser
  • Suitable for allergy and asthma patients


  • It has no warranty

Sirena Twister is one of the best water-based air purifiers that you can get at an affordable price. Its advanced water whirlpool produces powerful waves to trap allergens, pollens, smoke, and other harmful particles from the air. Moreover, its scent diffuser features give your room aesthetic pleasure.

People who have insomnia because of allergic reactions are suggested to get this unit effective against dust, dust mites, germs, bacteria, and smoke.

Its compact design with a combination of lightweight material makes it portable and allows you to carry it wherever you want. 

This is one of the heavy-duty water air purifiers. You only need a single device both for home and office. Its water tank is fixed with silicon, so the water will not spill if you shift the machine.

2. U.S. JACLEAN Aroma Globe Air Washer

U.S. JACLEAN Aroma Globe Air Washer

Best Water Air Purifier


  • Coverage: 700 sq. ft.
  • Dimension: 7.5 x 7 x 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.94 pounds
  • Power: 110-120V AC
  • LED colors: cyan blue
  • Material: plastic
  • Noise: 50dB


  • Built-in water filter
  • High coverage area
  • Controlled humidity
  • Satisfying LED light


  • It is not portable

It is the best water air purifier as JACLEAN never compromises quality and durability. JACLEAN aroma is a good air purifier with the guarantee of lifetime durability. 

This unit can cover 700 square feet of area in 30 minutes. You can witness the positive change after turning the team on in a few minutes.

The strong whirlpool dome is more effective than other devices to capture dust. It is practical and soothing to watch in cyan blue LED color. 

Moreover, the motorized dome ensures the maximum number of debris, dust, pollen, and other airborne particles. It is also effective against allergens and asthma triggering agents. 

The Jaclyn aroma provides you with the best environment for a sound sleep with its light scent, which helps you improve your focus on work.

3. Bluonics Fresh Aire Water Based Air Revitalizer

Bluonics Fresh Aire Water Based Air Revitalizer

Best Water Air Purifier


  • Coverage: 360 sq. ft.
  • Dimension: 9 x 9 x 8 inches
  • Power source type: AC
  • LED colors: 6
  • Water capacity: 1 Quart
  • CADR: 14000


  • Powerful fans for medium room
  • Hydro-purification system
  • Changing LED lights
  • Portable air revitalizer


  • It is not automatic; you need to control it manually.

Bluonics Fresh Aire is a massive competition with the best water air purifier. It comprises an advanced hydro-purification system which is more effective than others. 

It utilizes an advanced whirlpool technique to extract large numbers of dust particles, mycotoxins, and germs. However, this air purifier is best suitable for small to medium-sized rooms.

It is a complete all-in-one air purification, humidification, and diffusion package for families. The high fan speed ensures that fresh air is provided throughout the room. 

Moreover, Bluonics gives you a wide range of options of essential oils to choose one of your choices. The device can run up to two days continuously with one water refill. 

This device is functional at night as it does make a loud noise to disturb your sleep. Furthermore, its six-colored LED light ensures that you sleep in perfect night light.

4. New Comfort Mini Desktop Water Air Purifier

New Comfort Mini Desktop Water Air Purifier

Best Water Air Purifier


  • Dimension: 4 x 5 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 11.3 ounces
  • USB powered
  • LED colors: 7
  • Water refill: 12 hours
  • Maximum coverage: 350 sq. ft.


  • Anti-spill tank
  • Easy USB power
  • Portable
  • Durable material
  • Oil diffuser


  • It requires frequent water refill

If you love traveling, you need an air purifier that can travel with you and is ready to be plugged in anywhere. This is the best water-based air cleaner that you can carry around in your bag. Moreover, it is USB powered to be run through a laptop or even a power bank. It is a powerful air purifier with quiet operation.

New Comfort Mini air revitalizer is suitable for small to medium-sized rooms as it covers 350 sq. ft. it is the best unit for the house and office. 

You can use it without worrying about the humidity as it turns the humidification process off when the room has 35 to 40% relative humidity. 

Despite its size and exceptional features, it effectively removes dust, allergens, germs, and bacteria. You can also utilize anti-bacterial and aromatic essential oils with this unit.

5. Ocean blue two water-based Air Revitalizer

Ocean Blue Two Water-Based Air Revitalizer

Best Water Air Purifier


  • Coverage: 350 sq. ft.
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • USB powered
  • LED colors: 7
  • Water refill: 24 hours


  • Quiet operation
  • Powerful fan speed
  • Changing LED light
  • Auto turn off the feature


  • Not much effective against microorganisms like virus

Ocean blue-2 is the best water air purifier with multi-functional ability. You do not need to buy an air purifier, humidifier, and oil diffuser separately, as this unit provides you with all functions collectively. 

The single refill can last the whole day. You can make a routine to refill it once a day. Moreover, its automatic turn-off mode helps you save electricity and ensures your and your device’s safety.

This unit is featured with minimum moving components. It implies that it does not make noise even at high speed. 

Moreover, the device can be used as the night light because it comes with different LED colors that you can set according to your mood. 

However, ocean blue-2 works best in the range of 350 square feet. It is the best air purifier that uses water and provides valuable features at an affordable price.

6. EcoGecko Earth Globe Glowing Water Air Washer 

EcoGecko Earth Globe Glowing Water Air Washer

Best Water Air Purifier


  • Coverage: 600 sq. ft.
  • Dimension: 5 x 6.5 x 7.25 inches
  • Weight: 94 pounds
  • Material: polyethylene terephthalate
  • LED colors: shimmering blue
  • Water refill: 24 hours
  • Noise: 45dB


  • Adjustable light level
  • High fan speed
  • Durable and lightweight
  • High coverage area


  • You can only use original essential oils

Generally, water air purifiers do not cover large areas, so you have to buy many devices to protect the entire house. However, if you are looking for the best water air purifier that can cover the whole house, an EcoGecko earth globe water air washer is the best option for you as it can cover 600 square feet.

It can provide non-stop coverage against bacteria, germs, dust, smoke, and odor. It also facilitates you to control humidity according to your needs. 

Moreover, some people like to have a relaxing sound while sleeping, and this device makes a sweet water sound of 45dB which can make your sleep even peaceful. 

It can turn into an oil diffuser if you add a few drops in the water basin while running the unit.

Buying Guide for the Best Water Air Purifier

Air purifiers have proven to be a boon in helping you improve your indoor air quality, but an air purifier that uses water is a cherry on the top. It is highly eco-friendly as it does not release ozone gasses as a by-product. However, here are a few aspects that you need to consider while buying a unit.

  • Coverage area

Best water air purifiers usually work best in short-range, but they are also functional in long-range. Before getting a unit, you need to determine whether you want an air purifier for one room or a whole-house unit.

You can measure the area of the room in square feet. This measurement will help you determine if the device stands on your requirement.

  • Quality and durability

Air purifiers are like a one-time investment for 8 to 10 years if you choose them correctly. It is not something that we can change daily. Therefore, get a unit that has heavy-duty construction and can give a long run.

  • High Efficiency

With air, monthly billing can also become a nightmare for you because some water air purifiers consume energy at higher levels. The more power a device uses, the higher the monthly bills you will pay. Moreover, high energy-efficient appliances will help you save a lot. Try to get a device with a high energy efficiency rating.

  • Noise production

Air purifiers usually run throughout the day as well as at night. It is essential to read the reading, reviews, or specifications of the unit to end up with the silent and best one. 

The excellent level is 30 decibels, but we suggest you go for the device that produces noise no more than 60 decibels at normal average.

How does a Water Air Purifier Work?

The water-based air purifier, unlikely other purifiers, does not work by using filters or an ionizer. It utilizes a water filtration mechanism. Usually, they work by using a rotating motor that makes the water swirl which catches the allergens while the water is continuous. 

The machine of the water-based air purifier could be used as a multifunctional device as it can work as a scented humidifier. This adds moisture to the air to remove the dryness from the air, capturing the dust and other pollutants, leaving your room with your favorite scent.

The water air purifiers can go for hours to days depending upon the water reservoir’s size of your unit.


A best water air purifier is an effective device that works as an air purifier, humidifier, and oil diffuser at the same time. Their whirlpool feature is effective in fighting against germs, bacteria, dust, and other harmful compounds that float in the air.

In short, water air purifiers and fresheners are the best eco-friendly solution to air pollution if you choose the best suitable unit according to your needs. We have mentioned some water-based air purifier reviews to make your choice easy and worthy.


Q: Can a water-based air purifier replace a humidifier?

If you need a slight increase in humidity at your place, then a water-based air humidifier can work for you. Conversely, if you live in an arid area, an air purifier cannot be the best replacement for a humidifier.

Air humidifier primarily extracts excessive water from the air to normalize humidity. On the other hand, a water-based air purifier revitalizes the air by removing dust and harmful compounds while releasing some moisture. 

Q: How to clean a water air purifier?

It is recommended to clean the unit once a week, but it also depends on usability. As the team uses water, it can target bacteria, fungus, mold, etc. These health-hazardous organisms can quickly overrun your unit and use it as a launching pad to spread in the air if you fail to clean it properly.

Its cleaning process is similar to a vacuum cleaner—bath your cleanser with a bleach mixture. If you keep proper cleaning, you do not need to worry about the worst scenario

Q: How do I add scent to my water-based air revitalizer?

Some manufacturers offer a wide range of scents that you can choose from. Moreover, there are plenty of oils that produce aroma; you can choose from them.  Add a few drops of oil to your unit’s water basin. Please do not go overboard, as it will start to irritate you. With perfect ration, your air purifier can become an air freshener and produces a beautiful aromatherapy experience.

Q: Are air purifiers as effective as conventional?

Water-based air purifiers are an excellent option to clean the air and maintain a healthy environment. They can trap the dust particles but not ideally extract small compounds that roam in the air. If perfect clean air is your primary concern, you should consider the traditional air purifier with genuine HEPA filters.

Q: Can air be filtered through water?

Yes, water is a great air filtration source for large particles like dust. When the air is to pass through or be forced through water, the air’s contaminants are trapped in the water. Water is an effective filtration system.  

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